30 Years of dedication to have more than1,500 Sets/Year---- With A Heart of Craftsman, BHS Never Stops

January 20, 2017

Since 1960 corrugating machinery has been produced in BHS Weiherhammer, Germany. BHS, founded in 1717, has been engaged in manufacturing of corrugated machines for nearly 60 years, of which 30 years were spent in the designing and manufacturing of corrugating rolls. Today, BHS is the world leading company in the corrugating industry with an annual output of more than 1500 sets per year to the world. 
----Johnson Wu, COO, BHS China

BHS, founded in 1717, has been engaged in manufacturing of corrugated machines for nearly 60 years, of which 30 years were spent in the designing and manufacturing of corrugating rolls. An yearly output of over 1,500 sets of corrugating rolls to the world contributed to its leading position in the industry. It is a success for BHS to live for such a long period with a stable growth. In 1960, the first corrugated machine was born in BHS, Weiherhammer Germany. In 2003, BHS set up a plant in Shanghai. In 2005, Shanghai Plant started manufacturing of corrugating rolls. In 2014, BHS imported a “CAMPBELL” grinder from America, which helped increase the monthly output of corrugating rolls from 15~18 to 28~30 sets.

▲BHS owns five modern corrugating rolls manufacturing bases in the world.

The finest facilities in the world make the best product in the world

“Lots of corrugated manufacturers produced corrugating rolls in the past. But it is not a simple work due to a high cost in good designs, appropriate materials and scientific processing. Considering the actual input-output ratio, manufacturers turned to the purchase instead of manufacturing corrugating rolls. As the core of single facers, corrugating rolls are of vital importance for manufacturing cartons. BHS has been keeping its pace in the sector for long. ” Mr. Wu said.

As the world-leading corrugating roll supplier, BHS provides the highest quality products and innovative services with the rapidest response to clients. BHS Shanghai was founded in 2003 with the mission to enlarge BHS activities for the Asian market. It is the service center for Corrugated Machinery and the center of excellence for Corrugating Rolls. About BHS’ mile stone, Mr. Wu is full of confidence: “At first we produced only refurbishment; later on we start to make new rolls. The first set of new corrugating roll made in BHS Shanghai was finished in the mid of 2005", “BHS’ corrugating rolls are also applied in some renowned brand corrugator in Europe and America as a machinery product closely related to machining and designing. In this industry, lots of famous corrugated manufacturers have faded away for various reasons. Only BHS has always stayed here. During manufacturing, BHS deeply understands that the corrugating rolls are the core of corrugator to guarantee the modelling of cartons. If the core fails to be expert, we will not be perfect. In other words, the development of corrugating rolls are closely related to the advancement of heat treatment of materials, renovation of cutting-edge numerical control processing technology and research & development of detection methods. BHS always takes the lead in the application of latest technologies like surface finishing and ‘online precise measurement technology’ that was used in the newly purchased tooth grinders.”

The advanced equipment is the pre-condition to guarantee product quality; while the delicate spirit of craftsman is the fountain to keep enterprises prosperous. BHS has been serving the industry wholeheartedly and increasing the value for clients with advanced equipment based on their needs, which helped BHS maintain its leading position in the industry. “We also imported the advanced corrugating roll machining equipment along with advanced technologies from Germany. BHS Shanghai has the complete set of corrugating roll manufacturer equipment, including CNC machine centre, grinding machine, hardening and coating machine, able to execute all manufacturing process of corrugating roll from raw material to finished products.” BHS Shanghai factory has the top quality control system; the world leading laboratory testing capabilities ensure the supply quality in line with German requirements. All incoming raw materials fare subject to 100% monitoring by high-precision measuring equipment or through laboratory simulation. And products are delivered only after successful quality inspection. 

Increasing cost from highest requirements
As we all know that the prevailing profiles of corrugated boards in the market cover A, B, C and E. All the corrugating rolls manufactured by BHS are in consistent with client’s demands (e.g. low consumption of papers and long service life). BHS has more than 700 profiles from “micro” to “D” available for all kinds of machines. BHS Shanghai and BHS Germany are increasing costs in the research and development to keep the leading position of BHS. 

▲BHS plant

BHS has five manufacturing plants of corrugating rolls across the world, of which directors will get together to share the latest results and techniques that are applicable to some markets in need. For instance, BHS once spent 3 years in solving with the vibration problem of A profile due to its large size that may easily cause resonance to single facers under high speed. Such achievement was attributable to BHS North America with the newly developed technique for surface roughness of corrugating rolls. Learning from the other markets will significantly increase the effects with fewer efforts. 

In term of production, BHS’ standards of materials selection are further upgraded from those stipulated by ASME, outclassing industrial standards. In general, quenching requires more hardness and depth as it is related to the service life of corrugating rolls. Comparing with the industrial standard – 5 to 7mm, BHS sets a higher level – 7 to 9mm, which means a higher risk of scrapping and increasing cost if no good quality control is applied. 

In addition, the cooling cover of spindle head is also a special technique of BHS. Most of the manufacturers usually adopt welding procedures for spindle heads and roll bodies, with all the manufacturing tolerances to be covered up. However, the side effects like heat distortion and damages to metallographic structure can only be detected by special instruments. Via the technique of cooling cover, the spindle head can be cooled to -180°C with liquid nitrogen. After it returns to room temperature, the spindle head and roll can be closely connected under interference fit, which significantly reduces the risk of fracture to rolls. 

Sure enough, BHS has done more than carefulness and elaboration. According to Mr. Wu, excluding the purchased enterprises, about 30% to 40% of the investment to plants is used to technical improvement and innovation. Meanwhile, BHS also purchased an automatic slot-cutting machine and new-generation polisher. In terms of plant management, BHS kept reducing cost by developing and seeking better automatic devices instead of decreasing manpower. BHS thinks that manual work may lead to errors like scrapped or defective products. Therefore, BHS tries to apply automatic equipment instead of manpower. An intelligent connection of the whole set of manufacturing procedures and techniques can achieve stability and controllability, thus reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Better sharing of experience together 

The successful development of enterprises is attributed to the joint efforts of all employees. A good corporate culture is not only a spirit but also a motivation. BHS is composed of a favourable working environment and a unity spirit. In each year, the employees from different plants get together to discuss about their experience and prospects. Experts and technicians like to share the latest technologies in their countries for analysis and summarization to draw on each other’s strengths. “In the past, many Asian companies did not have standards on the surface roughness of corrugating rolls. As we went to Europe and America, we found their requirements on surface roughness are higher and being enhanced. For some single facers running over 300m, the effects of complicated papers are totally different. Seeing the achievement jointly developed by Germany and America, we immediately decided to transport a set of samples to China to test. It turned out significant difference among different quality of papers. Then, we directly introduced this technology, which saves us a long period for research and development and greatly improved efficiency.” In Mr. Wu’s words, this is the experience and a perfect reflection of corporate culture of BHS.

Years of dedication help enterprise grow. In addition to product hardware, reputation is of great importance for the development of an enterprise. BHS has been diligently improving products and services and deliberately depicting its future, which is a spirit and contribution. Echoing the spirit, BHS took several years of Sino Corrugated held by Reed Exhibition with an expectation to achieve more exchanges with industrial elites. On April 11 to 14, 2017, BHS in N4 Pavilion D (10,775m2) is expecting your visit. 

▲BHS team 

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