A Joint Performance in SinoFoldingCarton 2017 - Robatech & W.H. Leary

January 20, 2017

Robatech and W. H. Leary will jointly give an excellent performance in SinoFoldingCarton 2017. 

Let’s take a view of the two companies.

Robatech ---- One of the major manufacturers engaged in sustainable adhesive application solutions in the world

Headquarter in Muri

Robatech is a global private company specialized in production innovation and high-quality adhesive application equipment headquartered in Muri (centre of Swiss Canton Aargau and founded in 1975 by Mr. Hans Meyer. 

Marcel Meyer and Hans Meyer

History of Robatech: Forty years of efforts in pursuit of perfection

1975: Robatach founded.  

1979: Roba 30 – 50 series. 

 Company building August 1979 

1985: Roba 30-50-MCS:  Microprocessor-controlled hot melt applicator systems with optional integrated applicator control.

1992:  First high-speed applicator control IK 40 with synoptic operating interface.

First hot melt spray gun with built-in filter.

1995: Concept series hot melt applicator.

1999: Electrically operated cold glue heads ECX.

2002: High-precision FKW coating heads, continuously adjustable for widths up to 2 m/6.5 ft.

2004: PUR applicator MOD 20 with adhesive-preserving, patented Melt-On-Demand technology.

2008: SX Diamond, the first fully insulated application nozzle worldwide, providing optimum operator protection.

2010: Ergo Star, ergonomic handgun for the application of manual spray.


2012: Commencement of in-house hose production and Speed Star diamond electro-mechanical application nozzle. 

 SpeedStar Diamond

2013: Concept Diamond, extension of the Concept product series with the modernized adhesive melter.

Concept series

2014:  AX Diamond, robust jetting heads for the application of low- to medium-viscosity thermoplastic hot melt adhesives.

ECX Platinum series, electrical cold glue application nozzles.

2015: RobaDrum 200 drum unloader
 FK IT coating application heads with mask technology. 

 LabelStar M

Amid the four decades of development, Robatech has been focusing on the production of new and efficient hot melt gun and cold glue equipment, contributing to an overall experience in spraying technology of hot melt glue and cold glue and relevant equipment production.

Robatech --- Provides services to clients in over 60 countries.

• Having professional technical engineers for providing information to clients;

• Able to provide clients with optimized equipment and reliable & professional maintenance service;

• Accessories available locally;

• Easier and faster replacement of parts thanks to highly modular design;

• Recyclable and durable parts with less cost of energy and resources;

• Better protection of operators with humanized operation interface and advanced working mechanism;

• More efficient and secure production solutions for clients.

Robatech China is headquartered in Guangzhou and has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In order to provide more comprehensive adhesive solutions for the clients around the world, Robatech has set up a strategic partnership with W.H. Leary in the sector of paper modelling. Thanks to the effective application of cold glue and quality assurance system of W.H. Leary, Robatech successfully extended its product portfolio, thus enabling it provide more solutions of cold & hot glue applications in folding cartons. In the future, Robatech will launch integrated coating equipment of hot & cold glue, which will change the status of separate use of equipment for cold and hot glue, which leads to more optimized and complete solutions for clients.

What is W.H. Leary? The answer is as follows.

W. H. Leary ---- An innovative solution provider of clod glue application and data collection systems in the sector of folding cartons

Years of hardworking leads to success

Incorporated in 1928, the over 80-year old W.H. Leary has spent more than 40 years in the cold glue application and relevant quality assurance technology. Regardless of the difficulty in carton structures, W.H. Leary is able to improve OEE (overall equipment efficiency) for clients and guarantee the carton quality. With less cost in resources and time, product quality can be significantly increased under the system design.

While raising the quality and output of folding cartons for clients, it seems difficult to reduce damages and maintain high-level OEE. However, W.H. Leary made breakthroughs from these challenges upon decades of efforts. Facing the increasing demands of carton manufacturers, W.H. Leary constantly provides new data-driving technologies and solutions to help clients improve production quality and effectively utilize assets.

W. H. Leary has made numerous achievements in North America and Europe. Upon the establishment of strategic partnership with Robatech, W. H. Leary extended its sales and services to a wider range of the world through Robatech. In the future, W.H. Leary will continue the development of featured technologies and keep assisting folding carton manufacturers in increasing the return on investment.

It is known that representatives of the two companies visited Reed Exhibitions Shanghai for warm talks, during which, focuses were put on the industrial development and China’s market. The representatives of the two companies thought highly of the professionalism of Reed and expressed their expectation for the cooperation with Reed.

Group photo of representatives of Robatech, W.H. Leary and Reed Exhibitions
(From left: Mr. Michael Cao, Marketing Manager of Robatech China, Mr.  Rakesh Kumar, Managing Director of Robatech, Mr. Christopher M. Leary, Executive Director & Sales Director of W.H. Leary)

As a powerful combination, Robatech and W.H. Leary will have a joint performance in SinoFoldingCarton 2017 held by Reed Exhibitions in Shanghai New International Expo Centre in April 4-11, 2017. Robatech and W.H. Leary are expecting your attention!

A simultaneous demonstration of SinoCorrugated 2017, SinoFoldingCarton 2017 and China Packaging Container Expo 2017 will definitely bring about you unprecedented results.

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Visit SinoFoldingCarton 2017 to study status quo and future trends of folding carton industry; evaluate potentiality in business expansion to the carton market

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Meet with the R & D and purchase decision makers of the packaging industry to expand networks and to catch business opportunities

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