The Legendary Digital Printing Zone at SinoCorrugated 2017

Due to the booming e-commerce economy in the internet era, corrugated industry witnesses an increasing demand of customizing production and small-batch ordering. Digital printing is getting more popularity in the sector and promises huge growth potential for its advantages like high convenience and variability. Upon researches, 46% of professional visitors express interest or purchasing demand on digital printing. In order to help visitors better understand digital printing technologies like operations and quality control, SinoCorrugated 2017 has set up a special area covering EFI, BARBERAN, HP, KBA, LANDA, KODAK, HIGHCON, SCODIX, SINLOPON, SHENZHEN WONDER, SHENZHEN HANDWAY, JIANGMEN JINGOU and TECK WIN, all of which will bring quality solutions on digital printing. Now. let’s have a sneak peek of the exhibition!

Hewlett Packard

Booth No.: N2D162

Founded in 1939, Hewlett-Packard (HP) started the technological research and development of digital printing equipment of corrugated packages in 2012. In 2014, HP and Koeing & Bauer Group (HBA, established in 1818) declared to jointly develop the 110-inch & 2.8m-width digital inkjet rotary press featuring high speed and mass printing for the pre-printing of corrugated board surface papers. In 2016, HP PageWide Rotary Press T1100S was launched. In fact, Indigo 10000 and 30000 launched by HP are also suitable for ground paper printing and has been applied in the printing of featured graphic cartons.

HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press

Delivering unprecedented digital productivity, HP Scitex 17000 allows clients to meet demanding turnarounds with the quality you need. Plus, clients can rely on end-to-end support from HP. With 4 colors, 8 channels and a rate of 1,000m2/h (10764ft2), HP Scitex Corrugated Grip is able to deal with 40mm board warpage. HP Scitex HDR printing technology achieves high quality under small drop volume and high speed under large drop volume.


[Booth No.: N4A38]

Founded in Switzerland in 1890, BOBST has been the landmark for folding carton and corrugated board processing sector for the past century. In 2004, BOBST started the development of corrugated board digital press. After 12 years of efforts and a heavy investment, in 2016, BOBST unveiled its new product, a digital press for corrugated board with constant inkjet.

(Note: Picture from

Digital press for corrugated board

The digital press for corrugated board can achieve mass production of cartons with various data and small-lot customization of packages and showing stands. The press can match a very broad range of the Pantone gamut and print at speeds of up to 200 meters per minute, with a resolution of 600 x 900 dpi. It is also a stack-to-stack solution ideal for integration into corrugated plants’ existing logistics systems. The pre-coating unit allows the press to print onto a wide range of corrugated substrates, giving the converter maximum flexibility in production.


[Booth No.: A109, Hall N5]

EFI, a pioneer of the products, technology and services from simulation to digital imaging, has been dedicated to assisting family enterprises in better conducting businesses on a global scale, helping users manufacture, spread and share information in an simple and efficient way and improving corporate profits and production efficiency.

EFI Nozomi C18000

▲EFI Nozomi C18000

The new corrugated board press - EFI Nozomi C18000, featuring Single-Pass technology, was expected to be launched in 2018, aiming at the markets of corrugated packaging and showing stands. EFINozomi C18000 featuring up to 75 linear m/min (246 linear ft/m), two-lane printing (6,000 sheets / hour), board/sheet size (W x L) from 61 cm x 61 cm (24 in x 24 in) minimum to 1.8 m x 3.0 m (71 in x 118 in) maximum. The launch of EFI Nozomi C18000 is doomed to lead more digital inkjet printer equipment manufacturers to the soaring corrugated packaging market amid the new wave in the industry.



KODAK is a technical company mainly engaged in imaging business, with an aim to directly or upon cooperation with other innovative companies provide hardware, software, consumables and services to the clients in the markets of graphic arts, commercial printing, publication, packaging, electronic display, entertainment, commercial film and consumption products.

ULTRASTREAM inkjet technology

At Drupa, KODAK announced to launch the next generation of inkjet printing technology – ULTRASTREAM, which mainly targets at the printers and clients with high requirements in image quality in 2016. ULTRASTREAM can achieve a maximum of 150m/min printing at several types of papers and plastic media with a resolution of 600*1,800dpi. KODAK’s fine-flapping nano-particle ink features a 30% higher gamut range that the average standard. With the increasing development of technology, KODAK will be able to step into more professional and extended gamut. In parallel with Stream technology, KODAK provides different platform choices for clients with demands of various applications. ULTRASTREAM is believed to bring commercial inkjet presses into the mainstream of commercial printing and packaging, thus changing the future of home decoration and wide-format printing.


[Booth No.: B167, Hall N2]

In the printing sector, Benny Landa is recognized as one of the renowned technical innovators in Israel and the founder of digital printers for commercial use in the world. Upon 14 years of research in Nanotechnology, Landa earned remarkable breakthroughs in printing quality, speed and cost. Recently, Benny started the printing based on Landa Nanography, which will change the future of printing again.

Landa Nanographic Printing® Press

Landa Nanographic Printing ® Press is able to print B1 paper (41ft/1,050mm) under 13,000 SPH, and satisfy the demands of all market segments related to printing. Thanks to Landa Nanographic Printing®, it is unnecessary to make a choice between printer multifunction and short-term digital printing economy, lower cost per paper and efficient lithographic printing for they can be achieved simultaneously. Meanwhile, profits can be earned through the printer purchasers with increasingly rapid, low-cost and short-term production demands.


[Booth No.: EA61-63]

At the Drupa 2012, Highcon released the world’s first laser-cutting & digital creasing prototype – HighconEuclid. In 2013, the first machine was put into operations in Glossop (a printing company of UK), which is now served for commercial printing and individualized & short-run packaging. At Drupa 2016, Highcon launched three new models: Highcon Pulse, Highcon EuclidIII and Highcon Beam. On April 11-14, 2017, Highcon will release its new technologies at SinoCorrugated 2017.

Highcon Beam

▲ Highcon Beam

Highcon Beam is the machine designed by Highcon for mainstream package plants as the most outstanding product of Highcon. Containing three 1,000w laser heads, Highcon Beam achieves 5,000 sheets/h maximum and applies to label and card papers with thickness from 120μ to 900μ and 2mm E-type corrugated board. Plus, it also boasts 3D modeling function. Highcon's equipment is advantageous in various sectors.


[Booth No.: EA61-63]

Founded in 2007 and starting installation in 2011, Scodix recorded a installed capacity of over 200 by far. At Drupa 2016, it also earned 90+ orders. Owing to its unremitting efforts in the research and development of digital efficiency technology, Scodix has been keeping the industry leadership for years.

Digital efficiency technology

▲ Scodix ULTRATM Series UV Enhancement Press

The brand-new Scodix E106 surpasses Scodix's original S Series and Ultra Series, with a wider application of printed materials, including papers, plastics, metal foil papers, offset printing products, digital printing products and the printing products with coating and membrane. Featuring high speed and quality, it applies to a maximum width of B1(1,060mmx760mm) and achieves a speed of 4,000 sheets/h, which makes it a competitive tool for packaging and printing enterprises.

Shenzhen Handway Industrial Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.

[Booth No.: C70, Hall N4]

Shenzhen Handway Industrial Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of packaging and digital presses. Since 2013 when the pre-research project of Single-Pass printing technology was started, Handway has mastered the technology and achieved successful application to the printing of corrugated cartons, namely the Handway HC1600.

Handway HC1600

▲Handway HC1600

The industrial corrugated board digital press Handway HC1600 features a 150m/min performance at production lines. The equipment has an excellent printing effect with some patterns to be comparable with offset printing, and achieves a speed of 150m/min, in parallel with traditional printing technology. As a successful application of Single-Pass technology in the printing of corrugated carton, Handway HC1600 makes breakthroughs in the restrictions like speed, width and cost of digital printing of paper packages, which will likely bring about a revolution to the packaging industry.

Shenzhen Wonder Printing System Co., Ltd.

[Booth No.: A125, Hall N1]

With 16 years of experience in digital printing, Shenzhen Wonder boasts mature technologies. Its high-speed plateless printer witnesses a revolutionary transform from slow production to a medium-scale and mass production, thanks to its high efficiency, environmental protection, energy and manpower conservation as well as wide application for all the plants.

WD200 Series High-Speed Digital Printer

▲WD200 Series High-Speed Digital Printer

Shenzhen Wonder’s WD200-24A and WD200-32A printers achieve a maximum speed of 1,800㎡/h and 2,800㎡/h; the maximum feeding speed reaches 0.9m/s, namely 2,800 cartons (0.9m) per hour, comparable to traditional chain machine; flexographic plate is unnecessary; world-leading printing technology applied to guarantee easy operations; four primary-color inkjet printing gives necessity to washing machine and wasted flexographic plates; computer plate making, color matching and saving and on-demand printing help save time and manpower and increase production efficiency.

Jingou Machinery

[Booth No.: A55, Hall N1]

Jingou Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been keeping the research and development of solutions for small-lot packaging orders since 2009. To further enhance brand influence and expand global market, Jingou Machinery has decided to participate in the SinoCorrugated 2017 with its latest Inkjet Printer CP-25.

Digital Printer CP-25

CP-25: maximum speed 360 (720)m2/h with 4 heads (8 heads), 4-set (8-set) micro piezo sprayer with high precision (corrosion-resistant and longer service life). Unnecessary plate making and washing, simple maintenance and more durable; five-axis servo motor with high-precision planetary reducer featuring higher precision, speed and stability; brand-new automatic sprayer washing mode featuring less adjustment and ink consumption as well as high stability.


In 2008, Sinlopon Technology developed and launched China’s first large-format automatic plateless digital press, which effectively solved common problems for many carton plants, created a pioneer for plateless digital press in the industry of corrugated printing and completely changed the traditional carton printing technique, hence the honor “expert of small-lot printing of corrugated boards” and “a revolutionary innovation for carton packaging and printing industry”. Sinlopon now holds color printers AWNP4-2500 and AWNP8-2534, single color printer AWNP8-2521 (plateless & digital), UV (plate or roll-to-roll) digital sprayer, PDPL digital printer/cutter, laser washer, laser plate painter, laser block carver, etc.

AWNP- G Plateless Digital Pres (industrial sprayer)

AWNP-G Plateless Digital Press is equipped with the industrial sprayers of Ricoh, the world top sprayer manufacturer, featuring anti-corrosion and all-metal ink feeding channel. Each sprayer contains 1,280 nozzles with a maximum resolution of 600dpi and 100 billion times of usage. Eight greyscale helps create greater performance. The sprayers are provided with location pin, easy and convenient in installation. Ink dots are controllable from 7pl to 35pl. The sprayers can be heated to 60 degrees inside to adopt different ambience and ink viscosity.

SUN Automation Group

[Booth No.: A41, Hall N5]

SUN Automation Group, incorporated in 1985, is an enterprise totally owned by employees. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland US, it is also world-renowned corrugated carton equipment manufacturer. The Group has launched three digital printers with different speeds, namely CorrStream® 66, 40 and 20.


CorrStream® is an independent manufacturing environment that can be installed in carton workshops. Besides, it perfectly combines the constant feeding mode (leading edge) and printing, and can unstoppably start the next processing, which significantly shortens the duration of carton modeling.


Booth No.: N4B10

Online digital printing solution for corrugated lines

On June 15, 2016, Mr. Christian Engel, Director & General Manager of BHS, held a news conference in Shanghai to announce its incoming online digital printing solution for corrugated lines. Upon online digital printing at the rear of wet end of corrugated lines, the traditional pre-printing procedures or printing procedures for single cardboards will be left out, which reduces relevant manpower cost, saves space, simplifies procedures and achieves faster and easier exchanges, thus significantly saving production costs.

SinoCorrugated 2017 will gather numerous renowned digital printing solution providers with their cutting-edge information, lectures, equipment and technologies to be shared with you. The event is believed to be a trading and exchange platform for wrapping paper manufacturers & traders and global packing & printing enterprises. More surprises are waiting for your discovery! On April 11-14, 2017, we are expecting your presence at SinoCorrugated 2017 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.









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