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April, 2025
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WCA2023 Award Categories



Award Description

Innovation Category

Innovative Design of the Year

With the innovation in the transportation and sales methods, the design of carton and paper case is becoming more and more diverse. A large number of outstanding cases of carton-type design has mushroomed in the carton industry, behind which lies the professional wisdom and hard work of many packaging design engineers. In order to encourage designers throughout the carton packaging industry to continue to present better ideas in the carton structure innovation, the committee of the World Corrugated Awards has set up this award to reward enterprises, teams or individuals who have made outstanding contributions in this area.


Innovative Material of the Year

With the development of material technology, paper materials can change some material properties through technological means to meet the operating requirements of special functions and complex shaping requirements. Innovations in the performance of paper packaging materials not only maintain the basic characteristics of paper materials, but also compensate for their performance deficiencies to a large extent. This award is established to recognize the professional R&D teams and individuals who are committed to the innovation and breakthrough in material development of the paper and carton industries.


Innovative Application of the Year

Marketing, as an important tool for product circulation in the market, is an indispensable part for enterprises to improve sales performance. And the essence of marketing lies in creating value for consumers and addressing pain points for the industry in a targeted manner. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection among consumers around the world, paper packaging products have been widely applied to all walks of life for their special environmental property, thus replacing some plastic, metal and glass packaging forms. This award is set up to recognize teams that have made breakthroughs in carton marketing as their innovation achievements have further opened up the application market and offered more opportunities for paper packaging industry.

Corporate Management Category

Supply Chain Management Excellence of the Year

Recognizing excellence in logistics and supply chain operations, this award honors corrugated cardboard factories that demonstrate effective inventory management, on-time delivery performance and effective collaboration with suppliers and customers.


Intelligent Production of the Year

The current increase in demand for equipment in carton factories has largely stimulated technological upgrades in corrugated equipment. Corrugated equipment with intelligent control and automation functions will gradually replace traditional ones as the mainstream of the future. Well-made, highly automated, low-energy automated equipment will create more value for carton factories while saving more time. The Global Corrugated Awards organising committee has established this award to recognise companies that have developed or used intelligent production equipment that has brought benefits and convenience to corrugated box plants.


Business Transformation of the Year

With the rapid development of e-commerce packaging, the market demand for carton packaging is also changing. In order to meet the demand for cartons in the e-commerce era, more and more carton factories are no longer stuck in the traditional business model, but are trying to meet the changing needs of end customers as much as possible. More personalised and intelligent e-commerce packaging solutions, more diverse functional applications and so on are set to inject fresh blood into the corrugated industry as a whole. To encourage the entire corrugated packaging industry to look positively at business transformation, the organising committee of the Global Corrugated Awards has established this award to recognise outstanding corrugated packaging companies that have successfully upgraded and transformed their businesses.

Social Value Category

Outstanding People in the Industry of the Year

The booming corrugated packaging industry cannot be achieved without the continuous research and refinement of each and every employee in the industry. The power of an individual may seem small, but it has the potential to stir up a thousand waves. The Global Corrugated Awards organising committee has created this award to recognise outstanding individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the industry this year, in order to inspire all those working in the industry to continue to improve their personal skills and contribute to the progress of the industry in their respective fields.


Best ESG Demonstration of the Year

Emphasizing environmental initiatives, this award recognizes the top-performing corrugated board plant that demonstrates the most effective implementation of sustainable practices, such as energy-saving measures, waste reduction strategies, or the use of environmentally friendly materials.

World Corrugated Award 2023

On July 11, 2023, the World Corrugated Awards (WCA) Ceremony, organized by RX (Reed Exhibitions), successfully held at the Wyndham Hotel, Shanghai Hongqiao. Since the inception in 2019, the WCA have been successfully held for 2 times, aiming to select the most pioneering design, marketing, management, and social responsibility cases of the current year, and to recognize corrugated companies, teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the global corrugated industry.

The members of WCA 2023 jury included Peter van Ostaijen, Secretary General of CBA, Varna Sudasna, Chief Packaging Specialist of SCG Packaging, Hernán Braberman, Partner & Executive Design Director of Tridimage and other corrugated industry authorities. The international judging panel is the core team of the World Corrugated Awards, their professionalism and fairness in scoring the nominated cases and writing their comments determine the "internationality" and "authority" of the WCA.

For the WCA, 2023 was a year full of change. It experienced the worst period of the epidemic in China, made case collection more difficult than in previous years. But during the entire competition lasted a full seven months, with enthusiastic support from more than 100 carton companies from more than a dozen countries. WCA still got more than 150 exciting case studies collected, of which 60 outstanding cases were successfully shortlisted. After three stages of screening, online voting and scoring by a panel of judges, eight cases stood out:

Innovation Awards

Innovative Design of the Year




Innovative Material of the Year

Winner:Ultra-thin honeycomb panels(3.5mm)

Company:Tongling Xingrui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovative Application of the Year

Winner:OptimPak (two versions)

Company: Tri-Wall (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Corporate Management Awards

Best Risk Management of the Year

Winner:Detection system to prevent fire in corrugated box plant ( at Cutter Blower)

Company:Thai Containers Group

Intelligent Production of the Year

Winner:Longlide new landmark for high-end intelligent manufacturing

Company:LD Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Business Transformation of the Year

Winner:Jifeng Packaging's Innovative Co-packing Business Model

Company:Pacific Millennium Packaging Group Corporation

Social Value Awards

People in the Industry of the Year

Winner: Longping, Xu

Most Influential Cardboard Mill of the Year

Winner: Sichuan Yibin Global Shenzhou Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Next WCA will be launched in 2025, all companies and individuals related to corrugated are welcome to nominate cases. The organisers will also invite more authoritative industry experts to join the judging panel of the competition to jointly take on a highly influential industry event.