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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China


With the re-open of China SinoCorrugated fully activates invitation channels to overseas buyers, triggering the full return of 6,000 global visitors from more than 10 countries and regions around the world. Demands of overseas buyers that have been gathered for 3 years will be completely unleashed during the exhibition, assisting exhibitors in signing more gobal orders and accelerating the expansion of overseas markets!


Return of 7 International Pavilions and a hundred of international brands

With the recovery of the global trading business, international exhibitors demonstrate a strong willingness to return. The exhibition will see the comeback of more than 100 overseas exhibitors from over 30 countries and regions, among whom exhibition groups of 7 countries from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United States, South Korea and India will attend with brand new equipment and technologies to rival against domestic exhibitors.


Comeback of 50+ overseas associations

50-odd overseas associations from over 30 countries and regions will attend and support the exhibition in various forms, including International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA), Asian Corrugated Case Association (ACCA), Indian Corrugated Case Manufacturers Association (ICCMA), Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association (PICCI), Malaysian Corrugated Carton Manufacturers’ Association (MACCMA), and Corrugated Box Manufacturers Association (CBMA), etc. They will bring high-quality corrugated packaging enterprise resources to the exhibition, and organize more than a thousand senior executives of local important enterprises to visit the exhibition.


Return of 500+ international agencies

International agencies play a self-evident role in the global corrugated packaging industry. 500-plus agencies from all over the world will be cordially invited to attend the exhibition, while certain top agencies will visit the site in groups along with local customers. They will focus on inspecting brand strength and product strength of exhibitors to lay the foundation for subsequent business cooperation.


Return of World Corrugated Awards

World Corrugated Awards (WCA) is a key international industry competition initiated by Reed Exhibitions in partnership with corrugated box associations from various countries. The competition has witnessed active participation of global major carton enterprise groups and well-known carton enterprises from various regions in each year. The World Corrugated Awards 2023 will see the rivalry among 150 cases of over 100 global carton enterprises, with senior executives of such global enterprises attending the award ceremony in-person.


Return of the Global Corrugated Forum

World Corrugated Forum, after absence in three years, will finally make a comeback. As a strategic exchange platform to discuss development trend of global corrugated industry, the forum also serves as a rare specialized industry gala event in the history of the Asian corrugated industry. At the forum site, more than 10 representative associations and 10-odd global top enterprises will share policy trends, development directions and technological innovations, etc. of the global corrugated packaging industry, with over 500 senior executives of carton enterprises from home and abroad lured on site for listening and exchange.


Return of the National Day

At the exhibition, the National Day of India, Malaysia and Indonesia, etc. will be held respectively. By then, corrugated packaging industry personnel from these three countries will gather to communicate with Chinese exhibitors about the development trend of the industry.

With overseas market enablement explore new markets

Unprecedented overseas visitor invitation strategy

1.     3,000,000: 3,000

Ramping up efforts in inviting overseas visitors, the organizer of this Exhibition has expended RMB 3 million on the promotion. invitation, and reception for overseas visitors in a bid to ensure the presence of at least 3,000+overseas folding carton visitors.


2.     1,000: 100

The overseas trade agency group incentive program offers reward of USD 100 for every trade agency in the group.


3.     1,000: 600

Reception courtesies, such as accommodation and reception dinner, are provided to group enterprises of overseas associations, with a reception cost exceeding RMB 1,000 per member.


4.     500.000:200

The top 200 overseas visitors with a purchasing amount exceeding USD 500,000 will become specially invited Taps for this Exhibition, enjoying high-quality travel services and reception.


5.     110:5

This Exhibition will invite folding carton and color printing enterprises from 110 countries and regions, with national day events convened for five countries: India, Indonesia Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. and with the focus on inviting local major factories to hold high-level trade exchanges.

Recap of the previous Exhibition

SinoCorrugated 2023 ushered in a total of 3,531 overseas visitors from over 100 countries and regions

Cutting-edge trends and sectors Pinpoint more active high-quality domestic purchase power

This SinoCorrugated was very lively and there were lots of visitors. Within the four days. We received lots of high quality buyers from both China and overseas. We are undergoing further negotiations. We will attend SinoCorrugated next year.

Marco Bertola
General Manager | Fosber Group

This was the fifth time we participated in the SinoCorrugated Expo held byRX. It’s been great to cooperate with SinoCorrugated. The visitors’ quantity exceeded our expectation. We had met with many clients and partners from both China and overseas.

Greg Jones
Global Sales and Aftersales Deputy President | SUN Automation Group

It was a great honor for us to participate in this SinoCorrugated Expo held by RX. At this expo, we got acquainted with peer companies and new partners. Our products are popular in the packaging industry both in China and overseas.

Jose Louis
Deputy President | EFI Cetaprint (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

Ming Wei has participated in every SinoCorrugated Expo held by RX since 2004. We always have confidence on the expo. In this year, visitor quantity was significantly higher than previous years. Also, there were lots of potential buyers from overseas.

Liu Jiyun
General Manager | Ming Wei Machinery (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.


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