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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China


SinoCorrugated 2025 delve into and expand into the international market, tap into emerging market regions, pool global purchase power, and assist suppliers of equipment and consumables in the carton industry in expanding global trade, precisely open up dual value added in brand and profits.










Industry Media & Associations

Seven corrugated packaging solutions solve the difficulties and pain points in the production process for you and help you lean production.

Intelligent and efficient solutions for cardboard production

Efficient printing and back-end integrated production solutions

Saving and emission reduction solutions

Carton pre-printing solution

Low-volume customization and digital printing solutions

Intelligent logistics warehousing and intelligent factory solutions

Base paper cooperative procurement and management solutions

Exciting On-site Events

World Corrugated Forum

Global corrugated industry experts analyzed the development trend of the industry and discussed the key topics under the current situation with nearly 1,000 carton business leaders.

World Corrugated Awards(WCA)

Outstanding enterprises in the global industry will be selected, and innovative, environmentally friendly and practical pioneer value corrugated packaging products and innovative business models will be displayed on the spot, leading the new trend of industry development.

Golden Bridge Procurement and Matchmaking Docking Hall

There is an opportunity to connect supply and demand with many end users at the China Packaging and Container Exhibition held at the same time, face more potential buyers, and promote the cooperation between the two sides.

With a history of 21 years, the authoritative display platform opens the annual event

Founded by Reed Exhibition in 2001, SinoCorrugated is one of the earliest professional corrugated equipment, consumables and technology exhibitions in China. In 2004, SinoCorrugated  was founded. As one of the largest and most professional industry trade platforms in China and the world, SinoCorrugated 2025 focuses on the carton packaging market in China and around the world, bringing together professionals from the global carton industry to once again open an annual event for equipment, consumables suppliers, agents and carton manufacturers.

The well-known brands of the whole industry chain gathered, and the one-stop procurement feast broke through the interpersonal barriers

The exhibition will gather more than 1,000 world-renowned corrugated equipment and consumables suppliers to jointly display new technologies, new products, new materials and new solutions in various processes of corrugated cardboard and carton processing, create a one-stop procurement platform in an all-round way, and help carton packaging enterprises improve procurement efficiency and reduce procurement costs. At the same time, from suppliers, to peers, to the decision-making management of terminal enterprises, we will conclude a grand carnival of the packaging industry to help you break the boundaries of cooperation and interpersonal barriers, meet your all-round needs for information, trade, procurement, learning and expansion, and easily and efficiently win more business opportunities.

The five subdivisions of the China Packaging Container Exhibition held at the same time will take you to systematically grasp the whole picture of the packaging field

PACKCON 2025 held at the same time will open five exhibition areas: FMCG B2B logistics cartons, FMCG B2C & e-commerce secondary packaging & small batch LTL packaging cartons, fresh cold chain & catering fresh-keeping cartons, offline retail display packaging, and heavy logistics cartons such as machinery and furniture. Design and overall packaging solutions, so that you can grasp the whole picture of the field more systematically, greatly enrich your visit.

DPrint 2025 is open! The exhibition will explore the solution to the pain points of traditional printing.

DPrint 2025, which will be held at the same time as this year's China International Corrugated Exhibition, is here to help you integrate your business structure and effectively embrace the Internet, so as to solve the pain points of traditional printing and supplement the needs of short orders and personalized orders that cannot be solved by traditional printing.

The combination of six exhibitions, the scale of the exhibition is huge, and the industry is connected to the platform

This year's WEPACK exhibition will have six exhibitions held at the same time, truly realizing the integration of the whole packaging manufacturing industry chain, bringing synergies to the exhibition, and creating a platform for industry connectivity.


SinoFoldingCarton 2025: Expand your potential contacts and get more trade orders.


PACKCON 2025: It will focus on displaying a large number of paper packaging finished product enterprises, providing you with a good platform to understand the production process and development of the industry, and strengthen many end users.


SinoPaper 2025: You will find more base paper resources at home and abroad, especially overseas paper resources, to solve the problem of paper procurement.


DPrint 2025: Help you integrate your business structure, solve the pain points of traditional printing, and make up for the needs of short personalized orders.

7 Corrugated Packaging Solutions

 Intelligent and efficient cardboard production solutions

Efficient printing and post-production integrated solutions

 Energy saving and emission reduction solutions

Carton pre-printing solutions

Small batch customization and digital printing solutions

Intelligent logistics warehousing and intelligent factory solutions

Raw paper cooperative sourcing and management solutions

Industrial chain enablement Introduce new purchase power from new tracks


Value proposition of WEPACK

A global trade showcase platform exhibition spanning the whole packaging industrial chain and integrating series packaging exhibitions in 6 major sectors, WEPACK encompasses products, technologies and services involved in the complete packaging industrial chain from upstream to downstream, including raw paper & raw materials, packaging processing equipment, the course of packaging processing, and finished packaging products. Leveraging resources accumulated over the past 20-odd years, through the globalization scale effect and industrial layout it "links to and drives' the development of the global packaging industry, while creating huge value for upstream and downstream "symbiosis" in the industrial chain. Furthermore, it assists every packaging supplier in the industrial chain in breaking traditional patterns, making breakthroughs amid competition, gaining access to new markets, resources, and track and moving towards a more benign new development ecosystem that is more sustainable.