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April, 2025
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World Corrugated Awards 2021

SCG: Risk Prevention through Safety Driven

The countdown to World Corrugated Awards 2021 case nominations has entered the final stage, and we still receive series of nominations from well-known international companies.

This not only shows the absolute influence of the award, but also gives corrugated carton manufacturers from all over the world an excellent opportunity to promote their brands and corporate advantages.

Now let us look at SCG and learn more details about the distinguished concept and industry practice of its subsidiary TCG in risk management.

About SCG

Siam Cement Group (SCG), a leading business conglomerate in the ASEAN region, has committed itself to conducting business in line with good corporate governance and sustainable development principles throughout 100 years. The Group’s longstanding tradition of learning, adjustment and development in all areas has enabled SCG to survive the wave of crises and challenges and earn widespread recognition as a role model for other businesses, both locally and internationally.

SCG was established in 1913 following a royal decree of His Majesty King Rama VI to produce cement, the main building material for infrastructure projects that greatly contributed to the progress of the country during that period. Since its founding, SCG has grown continually and diversified into three core businesses, namely Cement-Building Materials Business, Chemicals Business and Packaging Business.

Risk Management Case Nomination

Risk Prevention through Safety Driven

SCG puts safety for reduce risk and prevent loss and do it for customer business, environment and employee and then it complies with 5 steps at details as follow:

1.    Strategic Planning

1.1 Why Risk Management?

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCG, Thai Containers Group Co.,Ltd. (TCG) has implemented “Risk Management” through 8 groups of risk as below

1.2 What are the safety risks?

Safety risk assessment of TCG has shown significant risk scenario that affected to property loss, casualties and its consequences might cause customer getting negative impact.

Fire Incident Risk

Machine Incident Risk

TCG has implemented Safety Frame Work System as the management tools for planning, execution, measurement and improvement all safety risk.

TCG deploys safety policy and safety management system to 16 plants in Thailand and its 6 plants in regional markets (Vietnam and Indonesia).

SCG Safety Frame Work


2.    Project Execution

SCG Safety Framework 2021 focus and strengthen operational control



3.    Project Operation

3.1 Cultural

The enterprise has set policy to drive safety performance and safety culture by DuPont Bradley Curve.

DuPont Bradley Curve

3.1.1 External Drive

Life-saving rules to drive people to comply through rule & regulations. 

3.1.2 Inner Drive

SCG’s process is to persuade people to lead and be a role model by themselves about the safety behavior. The main theme that it use to enhance mindset and awareness is called “7 Safety Cultures”.

3.2 Operational Control

2 Significant risk that SCG manages and controls by safety framework.

3.2.1 Fire Risk Control

Fire risk controlled by emergency planning and response, fire risk management such as cutter blower-fool proof fire prevention project, safety site inspection, near miss reporting, SAFE save intelligent digital platform for fire protection equipment inspection.

Diagram Cutter Blower

3.2.2 Incident on Job Impact to Worker

Incident on job impact to worker (Machine Risk) controlled by Safety Risk Management and Safe work operation such as Zero Accident by Machine Project, Safety Site Inspection, Near Miss Reporting, SAFESave Intelligent Digital Platform, Behavior base safety practice.

4.    Safety Cost

Only 0.30% of revenue is spending for training, machine improvement, activities award, digital platform, communication, etc.

5.    Project Revenue

Since enterprise established, all operation bases has never been interrupted from cause of fire and any accident case. TCG got Safety Prime Minister Award from Ministry of Industry and Thai National Safety Awards from Department of Labour Protection and Welfare.

About the World Corrugated Awards 2021

Organized by RX and strongly backed by the world’s most influential industry associations, the WORLD CORRUGATED AWARDS 2021, an international competition of corrugated industry, is going into the second edition. The Award is going to select the pioneering design, material, marketing, management and society responsibility case of the year to award the companies, teams and individuals who have made prominent contributions to the development of the global corrugated industry. Winners across all three categories (eight sub-categories in total) will be awarded at the big Gala Ceremony alongside SinoCorrugated 2021 at Shanghai, China. 

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