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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Corrugated Exhibitors are Ready for Hybrid SinoCorr 2021!

28 days countdown to SinoCorr 2021!

Up to now, there have been over 400+ exhibitors registered for SinoCorr 2021 which has achieved 98% of its sales target. The organizer's work is done with high quality and is moving forward in an orderly manner. 

Corrugated board production lines are the key production equipment for corrugated box manufacturers and have traditionally been the highlight of SinoCorrugated.

In recent years, corrugated carton enterprises, in response to the orders from end-users featuring multiple order specifications, small quantities and fast delivery, must improve the automation level and production management of corrugated cardboard production lines to achieve higher quality and efficiency, more energy savings and labor savings, and less consumables and scrap.

The exhibitors of corrugated board production lines now are ready for SinoCorr 2021! Today, we'll take you to have a first glimpse of what's in store.


BHS Corrugated Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N4B10

The integration of new technologies and industry applications is continuously accelerating our digitalization process, and BHS, as an industry leader, has consciously taken on the historical mission of helping its paper packaging mill customers with digital transformation, increasing their production and efficiency, and creating more value for its customers. At SinoCorru 2021, BHS will present you with the prototype of the future paperboard factory it envisions for 2025.

Fosber Group

Booth No.:N1A100


The flagship S/Line corrugator is available in 420 mpm or 370 mpm version.

  • Order change: GAPLESS 250 / 300 mpm
  • Automatic preprint capability on both bottom liner and top liner
  • Digital preprint with multiple orders on both knife levels on all the same reel
  • Split roll capability
  • Fanfold & laminated Solid Board production compatible
  • Solutions for Dual Arch, Single Faced and Open Faced board solutions
  • Simplistic technical solution
  • Reliability
  • Low cost of ownership


The innovative Pro/Line corrugator is available in 300 mpm, 250 mpm or 180 mpm version.

  • Developed to meet the needs of quality mid volume plants
  • Top quality technology at a lower investment cost
  • Same build quality and reliability of the S/Line
  • Grouped machine zones with common spares, less electronic components, less parts holding
  • Short order capability and gapless order change

BW Papersystems

Booth No.:N5A140

Value Corrugator

The Value Corrugator line is reliable and cost effective, with a value on cost-to-performance ratio. The Value Corrugator, and its comprehensive management system, fits well in markets that require high volume of order changes, with moderate demand for product output for narrow to wide widths.

With the new development of Value 350 and Value S, the Value series provides full-range offerings to meet different market demands.

Hubei J.S.Machine Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.:N4A20

JETS400 Corrugator:

The fourth generation of high-speed corrugators features with high automation, automatic cruise, intelligent learning system, automatic process management, intelligent order management and so on. Its mechanical and control system are the leading in the industry.

  • Design speed: 400m/min
  • Working speed: 350+m/min (meet with basic conditions)
  • Max. width: 2800mm
  • Operator required: 4
  • Occupation space: 120m×12m×8.6m

Hsieh Hsu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1C20

HH-C300 series/HH-C350 series

Paper Width: 1800/2200/2500/2800 mm        

Total length: about 110m

Design speed:300 mpm/350 mpm                                       

Order change: Gapless 200/220 mpm     3 ply/5 ply/7 ply

  • Suitable for frequent order change production
  • Applicable to short orders and gapless order change
  • Modern and automated production
  • Save energy and reduce costs

Taiwan Xieyang Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1A110

Customers have various choices and combinations according to actual needs, together with computer production management systems to assist in scheduling and monitoring production; in addition, statistics is analyzed for more efficient production and management; we also provide peripheral facilities such as auto glue machine, auto paper logistics and cardboard logistics, as well as a complete range of planning and solutions for your plants.

Zhejiang Jiapeng Computer Technology Co.,Ltd,

Booth No.:N1D40

Single-Wall Machinery Unit

Duplex NC servo twin-drive spiral-knife cutoff

  1. Twin motor drive, 45KW per motor, superb energy saving.
  2. Cutoff knife with only cylinder rotation and not whole shaft, low inertia.
  3. Short board 500mm cutting speed up to 150m/min.
  4. Twin drive control with high stability, independent system that can keep non-stop operation.
  5. Alloyed steel precision gears and serrated knives, stable, accurate, neat cuts.
  6. Feed-out conveyor belts, PU press roller, VFD motor and controller for stable conveying.
  7. Auto order change, interrupt order and eject order change waste.
  8. Optional Cut-to-mark system, accurate follow mark.
  9. Spray lubrication system, effective lubrication of gears and bearings, with condenser to ensure stable temperature of lubricant.
  10. Power capacitor & reactor to ensure stability and energy saving.
  11. Independent sealed electrical cabinet with industrial air-con, provides anti-dust, stable temperature and moisture condition for electrical components.
  12. 19-inch display and industrial grade computer, easy operation and monitor.
  13. Standard communication interface, linked with Production Management System, realize automatic order change.
  14. SGS CE certified design and standards.

Foshan Fuli Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.:N5A90

2800-FULIOK High-Speed Corrugated Board Production Line.

Foshan Fuli Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, supporting and manufacturing medium- and high-grade three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer corrugated board production lines with widths from 1.6 meters to 2.8 meters and design speeds from 120 meters/minute to 300 meters/minute.

Hebei Shengli Paper Chest Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N3A20

Three, five and seven-layer corrugated board production lines

Based on the advanced technology at home and abroad and extensive understanding of customers' needs, Hebei Shengli has developed and produced three-, five- and seven-layer corrugated board production lines with speeds from 150 to 300m/min, widths from 1800 to 2800mm, and four flute types of UV biased V-shaped A, C, B and E for customers to choose according to their needs.

Xiehelong Corrugated Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1B35

XHL350 Single Facer:

  1. This single facer adopts glue tray free design. The gluing roller’s rotation direction is inversed with the traditional single facer. By adopting this design, the extra glue won’t splash out and waste. Moreover, for traditional single facer, the corrugated roller is closed to the glue which is easily to broil the glue, greatly wasted.   
  2. Single facer adopts servo motor, the particular variable-speed drive, remove the gear graduation such power-wasting. The main motor adopts synchronized belt for direct drive, supported with patented design, which saves more than 30% electricity compared with traditional single facer.                                
  3. "Traditional single facer, the rolls stop rotation while stop, as a result, it cause uneven temperature between the up and the down, we called “banana effect”, foaming created when re-start and produce the waste, slowing down the line speed. Our latest high-speed Corrugating Machine XHL350, has a significant feature. Pressing roll is auto separated from corrugated roll when shut down the machine, and auto rotary independently, to make each roll reach even temperature. So, when re-start the machine,the paper board won’t become out of shape and cave in due to uneven temperature of corrugated roll, greatly reducing the waste.
  4. Patented design – Front Push Type to change corrugated roller in 30mins, makes production more flexible.
  5. About practical effectiveness of positive pressure & negative pressure XHL350 adopts negative pressure design, won’t cause the waste while rapid acceleration or sudden braking, easy threading, safe & simple. Currently, it’s based on positive pressure in the market, whose weakness is that the heat blows out, makes working place high temperature; it cause the waste easily while rapid acceleration or sudden braking; threading not convenient, it’s troublesome once paper braking and roll up into bellows; complicated components, high maintenance cost.   
  6. Integrated design of control board & machine body, simple & practical, makes workers’operation reaction being quicker, saving more space.

Donguang Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N5B21

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

  • Corrugated cardboard production line includes mill roll stand, single facer, pre-heater, conveyer bridge, gluing machine, slitter scorer machine, cut off machine and stacker.
  • We can manufacture the single wall ,double wall and triple wall board production line.
  • Effective Width:1400mm-2500mm
  • Production speed:120-300 meters/min

Hebei Dinghao Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.:N3D20

Computer-Controlled High-Speed Single-Corrugated Production Line:

The single-corrugated production line is composed of mill roll stand, pre-heater single facer, overbrdge and NC Single-corrugated slitting, cutting and stacking machine for two-layer sheet production at a high and stacking machine is designed in computerized control for multi-sectional belt transmitting and featured by auto counting, auto stacking and auto outputting for high production speed, low labor consumption and high slitting & cutting precision.

Qingdao Meiguang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.: W5C10

SCL1650 single-wall corrugating production line:

  • Work with both offset and preprinted paper, there is no need to replace any machine each other, reduce the cost obviously.
  • Both PVA and starch glue can be used in the laminating
  • Cassette single facer is equipped with electrical trolley, quick changing corrugated rolls.
  • High speed splicer, non-stop splicing, less waste.
  • Non-stop changing order system for the top sheet stack.
  • Corrugated cardboard Humidification system, flatten board, adjusting humidity.
  • Corrugated cardboard trimming, automatic waste discharge.
  • Servo synchronous cutting machine, color detection, accurate positioning of fixed length.
  • Servo motor high speed laminator, automatic synchronous for top and bottom sheet.
  • High speed stacker, automatic rotary stacker.
  • Video monitoring on the main control panel, timely detection of equipment anomalies.
  • Production management system, improve efficiency, increase production, reduce loss.
  • Equipped with remote diagnosis system for machine maintenance.

Hebei Xinguang Carton Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd

Booth No.:N1D20

SF-500 Cassette Type Negative Pressure Single Facer

  • Adopt negative pressure type design. Large diameter corrugated roller and pressure roller make the roller be pressed evenly in low temperature. Improved the adhesiveness, ensure the cardboard could laminate well with different gsm paper under high speed.
  • When change corrugated rollers use electric trolley to trailer into the machine, button control. Pneumatic lock, change corrugated rollers takes 10 minutes.
  • Corrugated roller adopt sides heating system, reduced the heating time, avoid the accumulation of condensate water, reduced the deformation of the corrugated roller. When restart the machine, the cardboard loss become smaller. (Option)
  • Corrugated roller and pressure roller adopt pneumatic control. It has buffered function, reduce the resonance of the machine and improve the quality of the cardboard.
  • Adopt precise ball screw adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the corrugated roller. Electronic ruler detect and display the numerical value, the gap be adjusted according to the working speed and paper gsm automatically.
  • Driving unit adopt teeth shape belt driving, the transmission is stable, the noise is low and maintenance free.
  • When the main motor stop, the glue system could operate independently. The glue roller have cold water recycling system, to avoid glue dry in the surface of the glue roller.
  • Glue quantity adjust use exocentric structure. Adjust the glue become better and easier. The glue quantity adjusted according to the production speed and the gsm of the paper automatically.
  • Movable gluing system. Not only wash easily, but also more convenient to maintain.
  • Humanized operating system, touch screen operating interface, colorful pictures show the operating state, function choice, fault indication, solve and parameters setting. The operating is easy, humanized and intelligent.
  • Built-in preconditioner have mist spray system to adjust the temperature and moisture of the core paper.