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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Iran Pack & Print Show 2016 Themed Booth of SinoCorrugated

The 23th Iran Pack & Print Show will be held in Tehran International Permanent Fairground from December 25 to 28 in 2016. As the only exhibition officially supported by Iran Ministry of Commerce, the deputy director of Iran Ministry of Commerce along with the Mayor of Tehran will come to the opening ceremony of this exhibition again.

Iran Pack & Print Show was successfully completed in 2015. The exhibition had altogether 15 exhibition halls and 550 exhibitors. Among them, there were 99 Chinese exhibitors, an increase of 50% compared with the same period of last year. There were 26,000 visitors, an increase of 60% compared with the same period of last year. The exhibition covered an area of 25,200 square meters. The exhibition will cover an area of 30,000 square meters in 2016.

The themed exhibition booth of Reed Exhibitions SinoCorrugated will be located in the core area of Exhibition Hall 35 with open layout to help to win more customers for Chinese suppliers.

Iran’s Development

Located in the junction of two oceans, three continents and five seas, Iran’s strategic geographic location can not only meet the domestic requirement but also cover some of the markets of neighboring countries, which plays a role of a transferring station.

It covers a land of about 1,648 square kilometers and ranks 18th in the world. Its population is 80 million, which is second to Turkey among traditional Middle East countries. The consuming demand is so huge. However, currently Iran falls behind Turkey over 10 years in printing, packaging, packaging machinery, industry and technology. The market is filled with tremendous business opportunities.

Decades of years of break-up in economic sanction makes hundreds of billions of American overseas capital used in national construction. Currently, the pack & print industry of Iran can produce the value of about $12 billion. It is estimated that this figure will double to reach $25 billion in 2016. However, compared with some developed countries, pack & print per capita consumption in Iran is less than $18, which is a rather big gap. Therefore, currently, there is great space for improvement in the pack & print market of Iran.

China is the largest trade partner of Iran. According to the statistics of Iran’s customs, from March 21 in 2014 to January 21 in 2015, Iran imported commodities of over $43 billion. Among them, it imported most commodities from China of $10.3 billion.

Iranians greatly emphasize external pack. With the recovery of Iran’s economy and growing consumption level, there will be huge market in pack & print industry in Iran. Iran is a newly emerging economic entity. We cannot afford to lose this new market!

Our Advantage

Every year, nearly 300 Iranian corrugated box buyers visit the SinoCorrugated to seek for the suitable equipment information, thus making the brand influential enough for many years.

In recent years, Reed Exhibitions has a deep planning in Iranian market and has made strategic cooperative relations with Iranian host and Iranian relevant business trade departments, bringing wider influence.

SinoCorrugated has established lots of calling centers in Middle East area. On the basis of decades of years of accumulative audience resource, SinoCorrugated makes a one-to-one fixed invitation of potential customers for you to achieve successful trade efficiently.

Reed Exhibitions will hold the corrugated box industry trade integration event as the only cooperative part. The visitor will know the real need of buyers from 50,000 official invitations as soon as possible.

The banquet will invite 140 corrugated box entrepreneurs and provide more opportunities for communication and more specific product promotion.

We provide personalized exhibition solutions for different Chinese international corrugated box exhibitors. Everything is based on your cost. The exhibition booth is not limited in 9 square meters or 12 square meters.

Four Added-value Services

The fixed invitation of buyers will improve the number of real buyers of collective booth greatly whether the 50,000 official invitations or the fixed invitation of calling centers from SinoCorrugated in the Middle East.

The on-scene unique trade matching area means that the Iranian government will announce to invite the local key enterprises and know better the buyers’ demand through one-to-one opportunity.

140 entrepreneurs will be ensured to come to the Iranian Corrugated Box Entrepreneur Welcoming Banquet to expand the social networking in Iran more efficiently and win the trust of clients.

The four-day exhibition will have long-term benefits. In addition to the publicity in the exhibition, the product information of exhibitors will also appear in the publicity manuals of SinoCorrugated Iran International Day in 2017. Each of the Iranian audience will get one manual (Iran International Day has been held successfully for two consecutive years in the SinoCorrugated.