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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Live Streaming Like Never Before!

Hybrid SinoCorrugated & SinoFoldingCarton Hailed A Brilliant Success!

SinoCorrugated and SinoFoldingCarton live streamed, on July 14-17 from the fair ground, on YouTube, FACEBOOK, LinkedIn and self-owned online platform to involve the global audiences who cannot physically attend the world’s leading fair for corrugated packaging and post-print trade show. During the four days, 12,000+ visitors from all over the world joined us online. Our hybrid programs have won solid support from more than 300 domestic and overseas industry associations and media.

Online Guided Tours, have a closer look at new technologies!

We live streamed a total of 11 Guided Tour lines over the first 3 days themed around Rigid Box Solutions, Folder Gluer/ Laminator Solutions, Folding Carton Box Solutions, High Performance Corrugators, Corrugated Box Printers/ Digital Printers, Top Brand Suppliers, and Converting Equipment-Ancillary Parts and Consumables.

Led by the professional hosts and experts, online audiences have a closer look at around 80 leading suppliers in the packaging and printing industry.

Live streaming from the fair ground

Online Guided Tour live streaming

Running Man, video tour around physical show on your phone!

Guided Tour Specialists who directly contact online audiences via video calls or voice calls and arrange short online meeting between audiences and onsite exhibitors.

During the four-day exhibition, Running Man has arranged a total of 350 sessions of quick matching, which helped 120 online international buyers from America, Sudan, Canada, Malaysia, India, Russia, etc. to connect with 200 onsite exhibitors. We received positive feedback and recognition from audiences and exhibitors. 

Though there may be network connection issue, in general, it’s a great program to connect with exhibitors, even without going to the physical fairground.

Sudan audience

We have meet several audiences from Africa and South East Asia today. Look for more audience contact tomorrow.

Onsite exhibitor

We have meet several audiences from Africa and South East Asia today. Look for more audience contact tomorrow.

Onsite exhibitor

Running Man are helping online audiences connecting with onsite exhibitors

Online Matchmaking, find your right partners!

During the four-day exhibition, we have arranged a total of 415 sessions of themed online matchmaking meetings, which involve 127 online buyers from India, Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Australia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other country and regions and 207 onsite exhibitors.

Private meeting room

World Corrugated Awards, shaping the future of corrugated!

The World Corrugated Awards (WCA) has received a lot of attention from the global corrugated packaging industry since its launch. After careful evaluation by a panel of authoritative experts in the international packaging industry and online voting, the winners of the eight awards in the three categories, including Innovation, Business Management and Social Value, were finally announced.

Five Live Webinars, talk to experts and share industry thoughts!

What is the global vision and general prospect of packaging and printing industry in the future? We were glad to have industry experts, media and influencers join us to discuss and share thoughts on hot topics.

  • How does packaging paper deal with weak demand and strong inflation in the second half of 2021? –Co-organized with All Paper Link (Live)
  • Asian Corrugated Outlook- Co-organized with ACCA (Live)
  • Current view on Corrugated Industry of India– Co-organized with FCBM (On Demand)
  • Current view on the Printing Industry in India -Co-organized with AIFMP (On Demand)
  • Challenges of Corrugated Industry in Argentina –Co-organized with CAFCCO (On Demand)

WCA awarding ceremony

Asian Corrugated Outlook- Co-organized with ACCA

Exhibitors Live Stream, visit exhibitor booths online!

700+ exhibitors set up their virtual booth at the hybrid event platform, which is equipped with an online broadcast studio and book-meeting & video call functions. Exhibitors livestreamed their physical stand, running machines as well as their factory scene at physical show. Online audiences were able to exhibitors at their live studio!

Online platform

Live streaming like never before!

We had a great time with global audiences during the show days. The online platform will be open for another month. All hybrid functions including live chat video conferencing and book meeting with online exhibitors will be still available. In addition, 4-days live streaming playbacks can be watched on the platform. So don’t miss the opportunity, come and join us online!

The 2022 edition on next April 7-9 will be located to Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, the world-class super convention and exhibition complex. We look forward to seeing you there!


Playback on Day 1

Playback on Day 2

Playback on Day 3


Playback on Day 1

Playback on Day 2

Playback on Day 3