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April, 2025
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Procurement Guide for Corrugating and Ancillary Equipment

SHANGHAI, JULY 2nd-The SinoCorrugated 2021 will be the first big international trade shows in corrugated equipment and consumables that will open their exhibit to the public, as well as online, in a hybrid format presentation.

Today we will guide you to learn about the exhibitors engaged in the business of corrugating and ancillary equipment, and give you a glimpse of their exhibits.

Hebei Dongguang Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N4B10

Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

  • A Corrugated cardboard production line includes mill roll stand, single facer, pre-heater, conveyer bridge, gluing machine, slitter scorer machine, cut off machine and stacker.
  • Single-wall ,double-wall and  triple-wall board production lines are all available.
  • Effective Width:1400mm-2500mm
  • Production speed:120-300 meters/min

Foshan XHL Corrugated Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1B35

Corrugating Machine XHL350

  1. This single facer adopts a non-gluing plate design. The gluing roller’s rotation direction is opposite to that of the traditional machine. With this design, the excess pulp will not splash out and cause waste. Moreover, there is a certain distance between the corrugated roller and the paste, so the paste will not be cooked. But for a traditional machine, the corrugated roller is very close to the paste, which makes it easy to bake the paste, causing a lot of waste.
  2. Single facer adopts a servo motor, which features the factory's unique variable-speed drive method and removes the traditional energy-consuming gear design. The main motor adopts synchronized belt for direct drive. And supported by a self-developed patented design, the machine saves more than 30% of electricity than the traditional corrugating machine of the same type.
  3. For traditional single facers, the rolls stop when rotation stop, which leads to uneven temperature between the up and the down (which is called “banana effect”) and foam created when re-start, and which also produces the waste, slowing down the line speed. Corrugating Machine XHL350, has a special feature. When shut down the machine, the pressure roller and corrugating roller are automatically separated and rotated independently at a constant speed, so that each roller reaches the same temperature. Then when re-start the machine, the paper board won’t become out of shape and cave in due to uneven temperature of corrugated rolls.
  4. The machine has a special design, which can easily and safely change the flute in 30 minutes, allowing you to improve your productivity.
  5. XHL350 adopts negative pressure design, which will not produce waste during sudden acceleration and sudden braking, and it is safe and simple to operate. Currently, most single facers available adopt positive pressure, whose disadvantage is that the hot air will blow out, making the working environment temperature high. Moreover, it is possible to produce waste products during sudden acceleration and sudden braking, and it is inconvenient to thread the paper. If the paper breaks and rolls into the paste roller bellows, it will be more troublesome. Traditional single facers also have a high maintenance cost.
  6. The machine is easy to operate and can save you some space.

Jiangsu Tengxuan Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N2C01

SCB rotary joint:

  • Split collar syphon support
  • Balanced seal design
  • Convex seal ring in compression
  • Extended seal life and increased reliability
  • Antimony-immersed seal ring
  • Max. Speed:350RPM
  • Max. Temperature:280℃
  • Max. Pressure:32Bar
  • Media:Steam

Shenyang Yubo Idustrial Belt Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N4C01

Corrugated Cardboard Conveyor Belts

Corrugated cardboard conveyor belts are used specially for corrugated cardboard production lines. After passing through a single-side corrugating machine, corrugating medium becomes corrugated under pressure and bonds together with the outer facing to constitute a single-side corrugated cardboard, which may be multiplied into three-layer, five-layer or seven-layer corrugated cardboards after gluing. The conveyor belt, which is made of several types of synthetic fiber through fine knitting, shall be installed on top of the thermal plate and the cooling section. During operation, the conveyor belt shall endure high temperature, high pressure and strong friction to ensure cardboards could be bonded accurately and dried in due time, thus providing a safe and reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the corrugated cardboard production line.

Wagen Industrial Belts (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N5D119

High Moisture Absorption

material∶100% Synthetic Fiber

Thickness∶8.8-9.2 mm

width∶ 1600-2900 mm


a) 150 ℃ (for a long term)
b) 200 ℃ (for a short term)

Main characteristics:

  • “Living belt” suitable for all kinds of corrugator
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Optimal board transportation
  • Universal use for all pressure system
  • Suitable for corrugator under 350m/min

Chengdu Chuangxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N5A161

Automatic glue making system

Model: CHJ

The system is highly automated, and can realize the automatic control of the glue making and glue using process. From the precise formulation of the glue to the automatic delivery, the whole process is controlled by the computer to realize the fully automatic glue making and glue use. This series of products are available in 0.8T, 1.6T, 2.2T, 3T models. The one/two-step glue making process can be switched. The glue produced is of high quality and good permeability. The system can be assisted by a glue metering system, starch water use system, and online viscosity detection system to realize highly intelligent management of glue making.

Ningbo Shangsen Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Booth No.:N1B40

The introduction of tungsten carbide corrugated roller:

Corrugated roll is an important part of corrugated board production equipment. It is generally made of 50CrMoA steel. After medium frequency quenching, its hardness is generally above HRC60. As the core component of the tile roll paperboard production line, its wear resistance and service life are the main technical indexes to measure its quality and economy, which directly affect the economic benefits of the tile roll paperboard manufacturers. In order to meet the requirements of higher and higher machine speed of tile roll paperboard production line, improve the wear resistance and surface hardness of corrugated roll and extend its service life, the supersonic flame spraying process was adopted to spray tungsten carbide coating on the surface of corrugated roll to improve its wear resistance.

Dongguan Taiquan Mechanical Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1B25

Automatic glue making system

The TQ-S intelligent online viscosity gelatinization control system integrates the high-speed dynamic processing technology developed and designed by the company, and adaptive viscosity monitoring technology, temperature curve compensation and high-efficiency digital processing technology, the effective application of PC embedded technology and mature electromechanical technology. The system can realize real-time and rapid detection of the dynamic viscosity value of the glue in the production. During the high-precision dynamic viscosity detection process, the pit machine that automatically distinguishes the gelatinization process can be selected, thus saving manpower and improving productivity.

Changzhou Jinronghua Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd

Booth No.:N5A01

Room for corrugator

The soundproof room needs to surround the sound source, and its noise reduction effect depends on the sound insulation of the inner wall and the sound absorption in the room. The greater the sound insulation of the inner wall, the more the sound absorption in the room, and the better the noise reduction effect.

The soundproof room is usually supported by a steel plate of 1 to 3mm. The inner layer of the steel plate is a damping layer. The outer shell can also be made of plywood, gypsum board or aluminum board. The purpose of damping is to avoid the coincidence effect and low-frequency resonance which may reduce the sound insulation effect. A layer of sound-absorbing material (such as centrifugal glass wool + perforated plate cover, etc.) can be laid outside the damping layer. The soundproof room and the machine should be prevented from contacting, and a certain gap should be left, and a damping pad should be placed between the room and the foundation to prevent machine vibration from being transmitted to the soundproof room. For ventilation and heat dissipation requirements, muffler ducts should be installed in the soundproof room.

Guangdong Bolingsi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N1C41

Automatic paper splicing machine BSP-350

Main characteristics:

  1. The machine adopts the most advanced paper splicing technology and can be connected to the production management system to realize automatic splicing of paper rolls;
  2. The design of the machine is simple and nice, and at the same time the machine provides accurate and reliable paper splicing, reducing downtime;·
  3. The machine adopts servo motor tension control to ensure a more stable paper web tension, high applicability, and is suitable for all types of base paper;
  4. The machine prepares paper quickly and is easy to operate;
  5. The operator does not need to enter the machine to complete the first paper threading action, avoiding safety risks while working;
  6. The machine can realize automatic paper splicing.


Splicing speed∶ 350m/min;

Diameter of base paper∶ 1500mm;·

Splicing time∶about 0.3s;

power∶ 7.5kw;·

recommended paper width∶ 2.2-2.8m;

Applicable paper holder: Shaftless base paper holder;

Production pipe connection: The machine is connected to the production pipe system, and it can realize automatic order change;

Tension control: the machine adopts a multi-point brake;

Lowest air pressure for operation: 6kg

Hebei Dongguang Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No.:N4D105

Intelligent thermal system for corrugated line

After years of research and development, the company’s intelligent thermal system for the corrugated line has been upgraded to the third generation, with stable product performance and a high degree of intelligence. The system automatically controls the pressure of each section of the hot plate according to the order of the production management system. This system can reduce the workload of workers, improve the quality of cardboard, and further save energy and reduce consumption.

Dongguang Henglong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.:N2C30

HL-GS Full Servo Computerized High Speed Laminating Machine

Main Characteristics:

  1. computerized high-speed fit: 12,000 sheets per hour (within 700mm of paper).
  2. paper delivery mechanism: the flying head with straight guide rail with high-speed conjugated cam structure to ensure smooth and accuracy in the case of high-speed paper delivery.
  3. glue coating: high-precision coating delivery with paper and upper rubber wheel edge block structure automatic page control, high speed operation without overflow glue can adjust the small return of glue.
  4. sensing compensation alignment device: use multiple sets of electric eyes to know the relative position of the bottom line, use the servo motor on both sides of the paper to do independent transmission compensation upper and lower paper alignment, accurate and smooth.
  5. full function electric control system: using the man-machine interface and PLC program lamp number display, can automatically detect the abnormal operation status display working records.

JingShan HaoSida Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No.:N1D60

Fully Automatic Single Facer

  1. Designed speed:250 m/min.
  2. Cutting precision: ±1mm (at stable speed).
  3. Minimum longitudinal cut width:300mm.
  4. Cut off length:300~1500mm.
  5. Maximum stack height:250mm.
  6. Maximum stack length:1600mm.

Tianjin Jinyongcheng packaging technology co., ltd.

Booth No.:N2D187

Splicer speeder

This product can greatly increase the success rate of paper splicing, increase the speed of the paper splicing machine, and improve the quality of corrugated cardboard. It  can effectively improves the productivity of packaging companies and reduces their costs.

Shenyang Zhongchi Textile Industry Belt Co.,Ltd.

Booth No.:N4D115

Super Model Corrugating Paperboard Belts With High Absorption of Moisture:

It enables the high-efficiency and intelligent operation of the tile wire machine in a high-temperature, fast, and high-load operating environment, so that the quality and durability of the cardboard produced are excellent.

High-speed Corrugator Belt with Kevlar(High Airs permeability):Suitable for corrugated board production lines that frequently change the width of the board.

Enhanced High-speed Mute Belt(High Airs permeability):It can meet the current needs of high-speed and intelligent tile line.

High-speed noise-reducing Corrugator Belt: Suitable for the high-speed corrugated cardboard production line of all brands

Non-Skid Belt: With a very high drag force, it can meet the special requirements of the production line.

Shenyang Fuying Industrial Belt Co., ltd.

Booth No.:N3D100

high-speed noise-reduction belt

Shenyang Fuying Belt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. insists on independent innovation, continuously increases the investment in the research and development of new products, and strives to produce products that meet the needs of the development of the packaging industry. The material of the high-speed noise-reduction belt is Kevlar fiber invented by DuPont. Kevlar has super high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and light weight, insulation and other excellent properties. It does not decompose or melt at a temperature of 560 degrees. Nowadays, parachutes, explosion-proof and bullet-proof products in aviation and military often use Kevlar brand products.

The reinforcing thread is made of cotton-type synthetic fiber, with a softening point of 260 degrees, which can quickly absorb and dissipate heat, ensuring that the cardboard can be dried quickly and has good air permeability.

The high-speed silent belt produced by Fuying has Kevlar edges on both sides of the belt. At the same time, three Kevlar ribs are added to the belt surface, which ensures the smoothness of the conveyor belt in operation, and ensures the adhesion of belt surface to cardboard, thus enhancing the quality of the produced cardboards.

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