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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Released! Reed New Show in Cold Storage Industry to be Held Concurrently with Hybrid 7-IN-1 Mega Expo


Shanghai- Asia Cold Storage & Refrigeration Warehouse Construction and Operation Exhibition (CSRW), a cold storage exhibition targeted on the upstream and downstream of the industry, will open from July 14-16, 2021, concurrently held with Reed 7-IN-1 Mega Expo (at the W3 exhibition hall of the Shanghai New International Expo Center).

CSRW is co-organized by the Cold Storage News and RX. The Cold Storage News is a media focusing on the cold storage industry. Every year it organizes cold storage forums and salons which attract numerous end users and builders of large cold storage. The Cold Storage News has been devoted to better development of the industrial chain and the construction of a platform that meets the needs of the industry’s upstream and downstream enterprises. With its rich resources in this industry, the Cold Storage News, together with RX, gathering enterprises of the industry’s upstream and downstream, organizes CSRW, an industrial exhibition targeted on the cold storage industry. RX is a global organizer focused on exhibitions and conferences. It has organized over 400 exhibitions covering 43 industry sectors across 22 countries. Its exhibitions provide opportunities for exhibitors to gain business insight, contact suppliers and complete transactions, having received over 7 million industry professionals.


Photos from 2021 Shanghai International Cold Storage Development Conference (co-organized by the Cold Storage News and RX)


CSRW is a great platform to integrate the industry with professionals. The abundant resources the Cold Storage News accumulated on the industrial chain, together with RX's rich experiences on organizing exhibitions and conferences, will make this exhibition a unique platform for the industry as well as a fruitful trip for enterprises and participants.


Over 2 million ㎡ of cold storage and refrigerated warehousing planned and under construction will be present.

Leading companies in logistics and the real estate industry will be present at this exhibition. Over 2 million square meters of planned cold storage and storage under construction (including cold and dry storage) in 2021 will also be introduced in CSRW. Enterprises which intend to participate in this exhibition include: VX Logistics, China Ocean Shipping Group, Vailog, Shengshan Group, Met Cold, Brilliantchina, Asiacold, Forest Logistics, DongbaiGroup, E-shang, etc. 


Over 300 enterprises looking for suppliers for the construction or renovation of cold storage will be present.

Exhibitors will contact directly with end users. The third party cold chain logistics and Party A product owners will be the main audience. Over 300 enterprises with needs of contacting suppliers for the construction or renovation of cold storage will be present. Companies proposed to be invited for this exhibition include: Yum China, Hormel, Hema Fresh, Optima Integration Group, Jollibee, Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic, Ziyanfoods, Juepei Supply Chain, Nine Masters (of the Joyvio Group), Jiujiuya, Bluefrog, Lamb Weston, Meituan, Xianfeng Fruits, Laurel Corporation, Sanjiang Shopping, Ximalaya, Goodfarmer Logistics, Fovo Foods, Benlai Life, Happy Lemon, Chinauff, Akasakatei, Yangshan Port, Hengfu Logistics, Haibo Logistics, CJ Rokin, Zhongcui Logistics, Lianhua Logistics, Jinqiao Logistics, C&D, etc. 


A high-quality exhibition providing one-stop solutions and scenario-based demonstrations of upstream and downstream of the industry. A huge industrial event.

To help with the technical and management problems that end users, builders and operators encounter during the planning, constructing and operating of cold storage, CSRW will organize relevant forums, in addition to meeting their systematic purchasing needs. The forums will provide the offline customers with experience of the integration of theories and real life application. It is expected to build a multifunctional ecosystem for the cold storage industry.  


Photos from previous exhibitions


Exhibitors of CSRW mainly consist of suppliers and designers/EPC/contractors of cold storage facilities.

To provide systematic one-stop services, CSRW provides nationwide resources of cold storage as well as suppliers’ services including consultation on and designs of the early stage, and subsequent construction. This allows more convenient and economical purchase experiences for customers. 


Direct contact with end users and all-round enterprises’ demonstration. Off-line exhibition better promote transactions.

By directly demonstrating products to clients, enterprises can establish business relations more quickly while enhancing mutual trust. Along with off-line forums, customers’ needs concerning real life application will be intensified, which will lead to stronger cooperation intentions and lower communication costs.

CSRW is a three-in-one exhibition integrating scenario-based demonstration of cold storage facilities, thematic forums and brand marketing. The Cold Storage News and RX have over 20 years of experience in the industry, accumulating more than 800 thousand targeted end users across food, medicine, catering, retail industries and more. With their deep insights of industries, together they provide exhibitors great opportunities of market entry, targeted matching, brand marketing, etc. Along with enterprises from upstream and downstream of the cold storage industry, this industrial exhibition will promote business cooperation among end users, proprietor, designers, contractors, construction material suppliers, cold storage automation integrators, logistics and refrigeration-related equipment manufacturers.

To embrace a brand new experience,

See you in CSRW from July 14-16! 


About Cold Storage News

Cold Storage News is a cold storage industry media owned by WV Marketing Agency. Founded in 2019, it has offices in Shanghai, China-Hong Kong, and Silicon Valley. As the owner of the Cold Storage News, WV Marketing Agency has been deeply rooted in China’s cold chain logistics industry since 2016, especially in the cold storage field. WV Marketing Agency has industry-leading cold storage market research database (20,000+ database) , consultative group of 30+ experts at home and abroad, and has established friendly and cooperative relations with top industry media.


About RX

RX has over 500 events in 30 countries. Globally, Reed’s portfolio of exhibitions and conferences serves 43 industry sectors across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa. The company employs 3,700 people worldwide. RX is part of the RELX Group plc, a provider of professional information solutions to the science, medical, legal, risk management, and business-to-business sectors. A trusted organizer of trade exhibitions, consumer events, conferences and meetings, Reed’s portfolio of over 60 events covers 12 dynamic industry sectors.

RX Greater China is a much-admired recommendation in established and emerging markets. Across China, wherever there are opportunities for growth or a need to explore fresh potential, RX is there. It leverages the full force of our extensive global resources to deliver each of these. Multidimensional events. Reed combines outstanding exhibitions with market-defining conferences, highlights fresh innovative solutions that help companies cut costs, enhances productivity and generates new business.

Every RX Greater China event is about giving clients more. Greater business opportunities, a higher profile, exposure to a larger cross-section of industry, more chances to learn and precious connections to key players in dynamic sectors.