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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

A Wonder in the World's Packaging & Printing Industry - Shenzhen Handway Industrial Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.


On April 11, with the unveiling of SinoCorrugated 2017, countless practitioners of the packaging industry entered Shanghai New International Expo Centre to experience the world-leading and cutting-edge technologies. At SinoCorrugated 2017, Shenzhen Handway Industrial Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. witnessed a bustling scene at its stand. What miracle equipment brings about the phenomenon? Digital printing is definitely a highlight for the exhibition since it represents the development trend of the whole packing industry and the reference for enterprises to make strategies for the future.


At the demonstration with digital printer, Handway earned an extensive attention. The exhibitions of Single Pass technology, sample distribution, market consulting and strategic planning service were highly acclaimed among the visitors. In less than an hour after the exhibition started, its stand was filled with clients.


As is known to all, digital printing holds high standards in output, stability and quality. With Single Pass technology, Handway has been recognized by the world. Handway holds world-leading position in stability, operation speed and printing quality of machines and soft power like the carton industry investigation and market experience, which also brings it with high popularity. Handway, the rising star in the sector of carton digital printing, has become a benchmark enterprise for Chinese industry going global.