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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

Guangya Machinery Co., Ltd. & Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd.

At the SinoCorrugated 2017 (April 11-April 14) held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, leaders of Guangya Machinery Co., Ltd. & Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd., accepted our interview and Live broadcast.  


Chen Shaorong (representative of Guangya Machinery Co., Ltd.): I’m honoured to introduce our equipment at SinoCorrugated 2017:
The first is 600 automatic gilding press, which is very suitable for the manufacturing of drops;
The second is 780 non-woven gilding press, which is highly suitable for gilding handbags, cosmetic containers, drops, etc.;
The third is 106 sheet flat pressing & gilding die cutter featuring multi-functions and exquisite appearance, which is suitable for small-sized enterprises;
The fourth is roll paper gilding press, which is very suitable for gilding or topping handbags, toothpaste boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Roll paper gilding press is our major product as lots of Top 500 enterprises, such as Jielong, like it and give positive feedbacks. 
At the exhibition, we've obtained remarkable results. We’ve seen many professional visitors, especially those from abroad.

Guangya Machinery Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 1996, has been committed to independent research & development and technical innovation, with vigorous introduction of world-leading technologies and advanced manufacturing & testing equipment. In manufacturing, Guangya Machinery boasts two decades of experience in die cutting and gilding. Its products and services are extended to nearly a thousand printing & packaging enterprises in over 70 countries and regions, including US, Italy, Spain and Brazil. 


Li Weixing (representative of Wenzhou Allwell Machinery Share Co., Ltd.):

At the exhibition, we unveiled a new product: Non-woven bag machine. Featuring high automation, the device reaches an output of 50,000 per day, with only one operator. It also achieves an automatic production line integrated with manufacturing, packaging and packing. In the future, the device is expected to be applied in unmanned workshops under Industrial 4.0. We have helped many enterprises like Want Want and Wuliangye in packaging issues.

The bag is environmentally friendly with our design of environmental protection. The forests on the bags reflect our vision. In the past, consumers thought paper bags are green. However, in the contrary, to make paper bags, we have to fell numerous trees, which may result in more problems. Such consumption of forests actually cause harm to environment. Our bags are made of polypropylene refined from petroleum, which can be degraded within 6 months under natural conditions.

This product is for sales in Southeast Asia and will be popular in Europe and America. Plastic bags are prohibited in many countries. The recycle bags are very popular in Morocco, India and Vietnam. This exhibition is of high professionalism. We are actually expecting to publicize our equipment and concept on environmental protection. We hope more clients can join this grand event in the future.