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Have You Received the Gifts of SantaClaus from the Corrugated Industry?–Reliving the Christmas with PAKTEK HighSpeed Laminator

Lead: Every year, shops on both sides of the street are decorated early in the Christmas season, and the festive atmosphere continues till the beginning of the new year. People will receive a lot of presents during this period of time; however, they seldom concern themselves with the story behind Santa Claus.

According to legend, his name was Saint Nicholas, a person living in the 4th century AD in Europe. His family was quite well-off but his parents died when he was still young. Generous as he was, he donated his money to the poor and then joined the church. He has been remembered as an elderly man with white beard, in a red robe and red hat. He would always help the impoverished without telling them who he was and gradually he got the nickname Santa Claus. Today, the spirit of Santa Claus is carried forward and Santa Claus everywhere in the world still brings happiness and joy to people there.

In fact, there is also such a Santa Claus ready to serve the society in the corrugated industry – PAKTEK High Speed Laminator. Let us have a look.

The white beard of Santa Claus – the gluing mechanism of High Speed Laminator. It is comparable with the white beard of Santa Claus that remains even when he drives fast in the night sky. The lamination is accurate and stable, without curved issues. Then how does it achieve this? By the Glue Circulation System, the extra glue can be recycled automatically. The glue coating by steel gluing rollers achieves balanced gluing and avoid glue splash. It is very convenient to adjust the roller gap according to different paper thickness (gap) and can be set up together with the bottom sheets. The Moisture System of Watering Roller for bottom sheets offers an excellent solution for curved issues after lamination.

Reins in the hands of Santa Claus – the Servo Regulation of High Speed Laminator. It is comparable with the strong reins in the hands of Santa Claus that guarantee the right direction to the destination. By adopting Servo Regulation System, the High Speed Laminator squares the top paper and achieves a smooth feeder, without slant and to laminate with bottom paper accurately and efficiently. The tolerance is within ±1.5mm, and the lamination speed, up to 150m/min.

Reindeer of Santa Claus – the Digital Position of High Speed Laminator. As with the accurate position, the reindeer can bring Santa Claus to the destination at the highest speed, the Digital Position of High Speed Laminator also features precise positioning. By simply entering the related specification, the width of both top and bottom sheet will be automatically positioned to shorten the set-up time and improve operation efficiency.

The Sleigh of Santa Claus – the Pile Turner for Auto Laminator. Thanks to the sleigh, Santa Claus can send gifts to every corner of the world. Anyway, you do not expect him to walk alone in the snowy night, do you? Similarly, the Pile Turner for Auto Laminator also saves manpower by working with Auto Flute Laminator to collect laminated sheets front-side and backside to avoid curving and increase output. Moreover, with non-stop system with auto pallet changing system, it is suitable various brands of flute laminator.

Just as the numerous gifts in the bag Santa Claus prepares to bring pleasant surprise to people all over the world, the Feeder System feeds sheets continuously to the machine, so as to maintain the smooth production of the latter. There are 4 suckers and 4 releasers at Top Feeder for stable and high speed feeding. It is built with double paper detecting system and with the bottom is delivered smoothly belts with vacuum system.

As the perfect work of the reindeer and sleigh of Santa Claus, all systems of High Speed Laminator are indispensible and well coordinated as one. It is selfless in serving the society with all it can, just as a Santa Claus in the corrugated industry.


Introduction to PAKTEK High Speed Laminator

Then, where does the dedication spirit of High Speed Laminator come from? The answer is, it is inherited from the genes of its manufacturer Kunshan Benefit Machinery Co., Ltd. Since its foundation in 1991, Kunshan Benefit Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the corrugated industry to serve the society for over 20 years.

You are definitely willing to meet the creator of the Santa Claus in corrugated industry, aren’t you? Then welcome to SinoCorrugated 2017 sponsored by Reed Exhibitions, A105, Hall N3 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, April 11 to 14, 2017 when Kunshan Benefit Machinery Co., Ltd. will exhibit its products there. Besides, there are wonderful activities and surprises waiting for you

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