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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

High-level Dialogue with ETERNA - Predicting Future Trends in Changing Market Environments

Shanghai Eternal Machinery CO., LTD. was established in Shanghai in 1995 as one of the earliest enterprise in China to manufacture large format automatic platen die-cutting machines for corrugated board. With 20 years of continuous development and experimentation, ETERNA has become one of the world’s leading post-press equipment supplier, and supplied the latest technology and the high-quality packaging machine over 50 countries and regions.

ETERNA officially joined the world-class leader of packaging &post-press equipment manufacturer, Bobst Group in January 2011. Since then, ETERNA has cooperated with Bobst to expand into new aspects of the industry. In 2015, ETERNA joined the Systems Integration Partner with the leading corrugated board manufacturer --BHS, and the leading manufacturer of high-end printing machine for corrugated board -- DingLong. ETERNA became one of the partners with these three companies and have utilized their strengths in Systems Integration by facilitating real-time factory production data, along with upgrading them to “Smart Factory”, to ensure good performance of a company with environment protective, cost saving, automatic and modern technologies of intelligence.


"To Be the Best in Class!” has always been ETERNA’s vision. It expresses their mission and objective to create the best innovative solutions in the paper packaging industry.

Recently, the reporter from Reed Exhibitions interviewed Mr. Gary W.Tseng, Chairman of the Board and the founder of ETERNA. From the interview with Mr. Gary W.Tseng, we can see his commitment to ETERNA’s philosophy through his emphasis on efficiency and productivity management under changing market environment.

According to Mr. Gary W.Tseng’s analysis, currently only 10% of Chinese enterprises occupies top position in first-class segment, in comparison, more than 70% of the enterprises in America have achieved first-class status. Under these competitive market conditions, Chinese companies must improve productivity to remain competitiveness by mean of strengthening their vendor management systems, reducing costs, and ensuring that trade partnerships are mutually beneficial.

There are two focuses in ETERNA: productivity and management. First, to improve productivity, the focus is to leverage resources and reduce costs. Secondly is ETERNA’s close attention on management, such as motivating employees and training them to be more initiative. ETERNA wants to incorporate the voices of their employees by rejecting the bureaucratic style of top-down management, and also ETERNA aims to empower employees with inclusive brainstorm, all employees have a sense of achievement and a sense of responsibility in their mindset in order to reduce costs, this is a common goal between employees and the company.

"As leader in the industry, do you have any suggestions for small and medium enterprises?" the reporter asked. Mr. Gary W.Tseng explained: “The market barrier of this industry was not very high in past years, after many manufacturers had entered the market and made money, there was a common mode to expand rapidly, make more money, and expand rapidly even more, however, the companies that rapidly expanded ignored many opportunities to be efficient. Now, we are seeking method to improve all production processes by optimizing the utilization of resources so as to improve production and management efficiency. Eight or nine years ago, I had predicted the tough economic conditions that China is experiencing today, similar to the economic downturn experienced by Asia's four little dragon countries. We can use the experience in past to help us understand our current market situation. The most important thing in business is to determine, to have a long-term view, to always make decisions for the future, and to prepare for the next five to ten years. By doing this, when that time comes, no matter what kind of market situation we will face, we will be able to respond it accordingly and resolve these problems calmly.”


It has been said that the current development in packaging industry is not very optimistic. However, according to Mr. Gary W.Tseng’s opinion, he doesn’t worry about current economic situation because he regards the economic downturn as a natural economic cycle. GDP growth in high speed more than 10% annually cannot continue forever, so ups and downs are to be expected. At the end of the interview, the reporter was deeply impressed by ETERNA’s forward-looking management.

Times have created opportunities and challenges, and we will face these challenges with smelling. We hope that ETERNA continues to use their future-focused vision to bring them closer to their goals!

ETERNA has stated they will continue to participate in the exhibitions and will fully support Sinocorrugated 2017, which will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 11-14, 2017. ETERNA trusts Reed Exhibitions and looks forward to creating a mutually beneficial relationship and fostering long-term growth. ETERNA will showcase their new production line of automatic die-cutting equipment connecting with slicing machine andin-line automatic stacking machine and other major new products at Sinocorrugated 2017. Currently, there are not many manufacturers like ETERNA who can provide a complete solution for corrugated board’s post-press processing in China. These new products and equipment of ETERNA will be exhibited at the Sinocorrugated 2017.