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July 12-14 2023
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Information, Automation, Intelligence - A Closer Look at Ming Wei’s Future Market Strategies

Attentively complete everything. No matter how great the difficulties and challenges, we can overcome. – Liu Mingchung, Ming Wei

Just ending their 30th anniversary, Ming Wei will usher in another important development - complete a strategic adjustment. The strategy will be based on the previous automation and intelligence to make better equipment. As always, Ming Wei adheres to a small but strong and fully-organized corporate culture. The company does not seek to become the largest company, but aims for the best results. Recently, this reporter was honored to have an interview with Liu Mingchung, Chairman of Ming Wei. He shares about Ming Wei’s market strategy, management and other experiences.

Global Thinking, Local Implementation - China will catch up with Europe and America in at least 8-10 years

   As we all know, Europe, America and Japan developed corrugated markets very early. Chinese corrugated technology is also imported from Europe, America, and other developed markets. As early as 20 years ago, Europe and America started the development of automation. The advanced degree is also ahead of other markets. Chairman Liu Mingchung stressed that Europe and America focus on the highest degree of automation with the most minimum labor. The automatic machines can address all kinds of customized orders’ needs with this efficient production model, which surpasses many current Chinese companies. As for the number of laborers, the leading European and American market can use 30-50% of laborers to accomplish the same production task. However, China will catch up with Europe and America in approximately 8-10 years. Ming Wei thinks that the time will be shortened only if Chinese suppliers can develop their equipment technology in the aspects of automation and intelligence. Luckily, industry peers and Ming Wei have already been working in this direction. Ming Wei also hopes to contribute to the corrugated packaging industry.

Actively Import Technology and Increase Project Investment = Importing Advanced Technology from Europe, America, Spain and Japan

In the past three years, Ming Wei has made big changes in products and market strategy that actively import top suppliers’ technology from Europe, America, and Japan such as the Alliance Accustak RDC stacker, Control-ing color printing laminating interlocking line, Japanese high speed corrugated board manufacturing machine and Shinko high speed printing gluing folding line. All machines have made adjustments for localization. From the view of Chairman Liu Mingchung, the future corrugated market will reduce labor and develop in the direction of information, automation and intelligence. At present, Ming Wei knows that many customers look for intelligence, automation, efficiency and labor saving as overall solutions. Before that, Ming Wei already invested in this industry for many years, driven by the equipment performance and compliments from customers. Ming Wei will continue to invest in projects to make better products and seize opportunities to carry the group forward.

Intelligent Live Show at SinoCorrugated  - Ming Wei will display at SinoCorrugated 2017

As for the 30 years’ achievement, Chairman Liu Mingchung summarizes it into one sentence: attentively complete everything, and conquers everything difficult and challenging. With sincerity, Ming Wei looks forward to SinoCorrugated 2017. Onsite, Ming Wei will display cutting-edge technology and services for customers with both hardware and software. How do you achieve intelligence? How do you combine equipment with automatic control? How do you save labor costs? How do you achieve automation? Ming Wei will use onsite live demos to show these achievements. Chairman Liu Mingchung share the answers of these questions andmake a special reveal at SinoCorrugated 2017 held on April 11-14.

Teaching a Man to Fish is Better Than Giving Him a Fish - Ming Wei Corporate Culture Leads to Success

It is said that teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish. This brings out a thought-provoking question for successful enterprises: do employees tend to have a fish or the method to fish? Let’s see how Ming Wei empowers their employees.

As always, Ming Wei believes that for a company to establish itself for a long time in the industry, It should not only improve its production capacity, but also focus on management and personnel training that lets employees learn and grow by themselves so they can contribute to the company. This will be transformed into company motivation. However, this is not an easy matter to achieve, so how does Ming Wei implement this training?


Guidance is the Remedy

Chairman Liu Mingchung shared with us that they empower their employees and encourage innovation. Many managers will face various and complicated daily issues. In order to process the issues immediately, managers often demand employees with experience and skills, then employees will only follow orders. Although this traditional process can ensure work efficiency, it will hinder the rapid growth of employees. Ming Wei management appropriately empowers staff by listening to their point of view at first and then by letting employees operate in an open atmosphere, while the management will only give guidance. Although the process will be slower, the subordinates can cultivate independent thought and help them solve more complex issues in the future. Meanwhile, the employees will rapidly grow and experience a sense of accomplishment.

Encouragement is the Key

When subordinates become leaders, they will also follow this pattern to teach new employees. This provides the company with a constant supply of fresh troops. Moreover, the current industry is facing industry reshuffling, industry intelligence, automation reform and other challenges. Only the companies that focus on talent training and encouraging staff with an open mind and innovative thinking will form the better corporate culture and lead the company to new heights.

Teamwork is the Essence

In addition to empowering subordinates, the Chairman Liu Mingchung also talked about another highlight of the Ming Wei corporate culture - teamwork. The chairman said, “Most of the cases in the company require collaboration with another department. It requires a close connection among different departments. In addition to general communication, we focus more on teamwork ideas and thoughts. Sometimes, departments will inevitably develop selfishness. However, when the team fights for one purpose, every unit need to work closely to form a cohesive force in the company. Through continuous communication, we can confirmed that company and individuals are equally  important, and therefore avoid heroism. From that, we can maintain a qualified team to run the business and the teamwork spirit will become the company’s motivation.”

In these 30 years, Ming Wei has instilled this kind of corporate culture, and believes that these advanced concepts will lead Ming Wei to another glorious 30 years.