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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

NanTai Precise Machinery focuses on research and development, transatlantic cooperation, breaking through.

Looking forward to SinoCorrugated 2017

NanTai Precise Machinery & Tech. Ltd., Foshan is located in Foshan, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong. The production base covers an area of 120,000 square meters. Formerly known as “Mingkang Carton Factory” founded in 1981, it was renamed as “NanTai” in 1992 and began using NanTai as its formal brand name. NanTai is a sino-foreign cooperative private enterprise, as well as a large carton machinery supplier that combines research, manufacturing, sales and technical training. NanTai provides customers with high-quality automatic printing presses, automatic folder gluers, die-cutting machines and high-quality services. NanTai cooperated with ASAHI SEIKO CO., LTD  ( ASAHI ) and formed a new company in the summer of 2004,  focused on developing and manufacturing high-end automatic packaging machinery in order to serve global customers.

Focusing on research and development, cooperation and innovation

NanTai and ASAHI opened a long-term cooperation plan in 2015. Considering the characteristics of the Chinese market, they will introduce Japanese advanced technology to China. Meanwhile, their die-cutting machine has an advantage of high precision, good durability and high speed, which will be the major machine to be introduced in the Chinese market. ASAHI, formally established in December of 1917, was the collateral company of Oji Paper Company and the first professional paper machinery manufacturer in Japan. From its establishment, ASAHI has specialized in the manufacturing of Japan Bank note paper, a variety of stock paper, cigarette rolling paper and other special papers. ASAHI has made great contributions to the Japanese industry.  ASAHI joined the paper processing machinery industry in 1966.

With the development and constant expansion of the market, NanTai and ASAHI will increase investment in their extending cooperation areas, such as paper cutting equipment and other products. Leaders at NanTai said, ‘the technologies we have are not limited to the ones known by existing domestic customers; higher technologies will also be put into use to achieve the high speed, automatic and high precision of mechanical equipment.’

Ice-breaking strategy, meet market and overcome difficulties

Leaders at NanTai believe that the Chinese corrugated industry is in the off-season. The corrugated box packaging industry, regardless of equipment industry and packaging factory, is faced with big marketing pressure in recent years. Drop in demand and increased production cost, which includes the yearly upgrade of artificial cost and transport cost, directly prevent corrugated packaging from making too much investment in raw materials and operations. Leaders of NanTai predicted that they will use mechanical technology to reduce management costs and to increase the efficiency. To gain a better competitive edge in the market, NanTai is branding itself as a high-end company, guaranteeing the stability of the selection of materials process. And because ASAHI is advanced in the field of machining technologies, the cooperation of NanTai and ASAHI will make more effective use of advanced technology to complement each other. NanTai will stick to the high-end strategy, meeting market trends. NanTai will also focus on quality, at the same time providing technical, maintenance and usage training. NanTai hopes to provide customers with the most exemplary services, allowing customers to make full use of the equipment.

Leaders at NanTai have their own unique insights when talking about the gap between the Chinese contemporary corrugating industry and the European and American ones. They said that the European and American markets have high requirements on physical performance and processing property and advocate simplicity in design, while the Chinese market pays more attention to appearance, environmental protection, and the protection of logistics.

Looking forward to new breakthroughs at SinoCorrugated 2017

SinoCorrugated 2017 will be held on 11-14, April in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. At the same time, SinoFoldingCarton 2017 and China packaging Container Expo 2017 will also be held . The total exhibition scale will reach 110,000 square meters, and cover more than 1,100 leading brands, bringing together more than 1,800 high-end and cost-effective equipment and more than 1,000 kinds of consumables. Sixty-five thousand professional visitors from home and abroad will gather on those days, including almost 8,000 overseas buyers from more than 110 countries and regions.

At present, NanTai has signed with SinoCorrugated 2017 to a 775booth, the number is N3 Hall B10. The exhibition will coincide with the 100-year anniversary of ASAHI and 36-year anniversary of NanTai. A presentation of new products and live events will be given at the same time. Let’s look forward to what will surely be a memorable day! NanTai has been working in carton packaging areas for more than 30 years, and insists that manufacturing be treated as a core carrier rather than a simple business to make money; constantly accumulating technology and strengthening quality. We believe, armed with that drive and determination, NanTai will definitely move further and further!