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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd., BOBST (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd. and BOBST (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. participated in SinoCorrugated 2017 held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, April 11 to 14. Representatives of these enterprises were interviewed as follows and live broadcasted on site.

Shanghai Dinglong Machinery Co., Ltd.


Sales Manager Bai Minjie (Left)

In SinoCorrugated 2017, Shanghai Dinglong displayed its three different flexo folder gluers at its booth via live broadcast. The first was INOV-TP1224-FFG “Open & Close Type Vacuum Transfer Top Print” flexo folder gluer, which, compared to traditional stand-alone mode, occupied less space, required less labor and lower costs for production. It helped guarantee the delivery, cut payroll to improve efficiency, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

The second was WLD 920 flexo folder gluer. Different from the “Open & Close Type”, it did not need to stop to change orders, hence very efficient. Moreover, it was available to orders of all sizes, and better adapted to large area printing.

The third was TP820 production line that can embody the progress of Chinese national industry. It was a flexo folder gluer high in speed, low in energy consumption and noises, independently designed and developed by Dinglong based on technologies introduced and digested over the years. The site of live broadcast was crowded and visitors were immersed in the equipment display.



After the live broadcast, we invited the moderator, also the sales representative of Dinglong to a simple interview, who said that the exhibition this year was very popular and innovative, that they had won a number of intenders and were grateful of Reed Exhibitions for such a platform, and that they had exhibited at the expo of Reed Exhibitions since he worked in the company in 2003 and would continue to be part of it.



Regional Sales Director of BOBST in China Liu Zheng (Left) and General Manager of Shanghai Shengtong Times Printing Co., Ltd. Kong Qin

At the signing ceremony of Shanghai Shengtong Times Printing Co., Ltd. and BOBST in SinoCorrugated 2017, we were honored to interview Regional Sales Director of BOBST in China Liu Zheng (Left) and General Manager of Shanghai Shengtong Times Printing Co., Ltd. Kong Qin. Now let us have a look at the cooperation between both sides.

The signing ceremony was the second time for Shengtong to subscribe BOBST’s flexo gluer production line. Manager Liu of BOBST first expressed his gratitude to Shengtong for choosing BOBST equipment again, and hoped that both sides could work together to build No. 1 brand in the corrugated area in China and even the East Asia. Then, Manager Kong from Shengtong elaborated the reason for choosing this line again. According to him, with the long-cherished wish to create No. 1 brand in the corrugated area and the global model factory, after painstaking market research, they first chose a BOBST flexo gluer production line, as well as the die-cutting machine and automated logistics system under its Chinese brand ETERNA. Given their excellent performance, they decided to choose BOBST products again.

Mr. Liu from BOBST said that this production line enabled immediate die-cutting process, which greatly shortened the production and delivery cycle. The company had built scale advantages via high investment in early stage and return customers with efficient production. He believed that with the assistance of BOBST, the day for Shengtong to become No. 1 in the corrugated area was well in sight.

Moreover, to facilitate better understanding of BOBST’s flexo gluer production line, Mr. Liu summarized its characteristics for us that by connecting the corrugated card-board single side machine with one end of the gluer, it overcame the impact of water in the production process to produce high-strength products. Besides, it realized lightweight production and saved labor costs with high degree of automation. Currently, several such lines have been installed and put into use.

Last but not least, let us wish Shengtong and BOBST even smoother cooperation and win-win situations.