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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

SinoFoldingCarton Interview of Infotech Representative


Representative from Infotech has accepted interview at SinoFoldingCarton 2017 exhibition, who had shared his experience and gains at the show.


Zhen Zhihao: We did not expect such success beforehand and were really surprised. We are grateful to Reed Exhibitions for such an opportunity. When we were recommended to send VIP invitations to their clients, I proposed to use Scodix and Highcon technologies and advanced equipment to produce the invitations. The original design and printing of the invitation were simple and plain, but after discussed with the designer, we improved it and made it a black card.

We felt the original black background with red on the front side and yellow on the back not luxury enough, and used bronzing to replace them. Besides, we added the LOGO on the back. The whole envelope was cut with a laser, rather than board, so its size, shape, and edge were exactly the same. Compared with the simple three fold envelope, the texture of the black coated paper with corrugated paper above felt great and the corrugated coating, rather than the UV coating, inside looked very elegant too. Even the designer was amazed at the whole program of the invitation. Many insiders thought highly of the design when they saw it later.



We were really shocked by the number of visitors to the exhibition. Besides the 10 reception staff, even the clerks had to greet the visitors attracted to the booth. Our high-end products were really appealing and we were satisfied with the number of visitors during the event.

Founded in the 1990s and as the only equipment provider for both offset printing and digital printing in China, Infotech has upheld the most professional attitude and a high degree of responsibility in its service to China’s printing industry over the past 16 years, witnessing its brilliant achievement and growing with other printing enterprises.

In 1998, Infotech became the authorized agent and service provider of Komori, the world’s leading manufacturer of offset presses. With nearly 16 years of efforts, as of April 2014, its Komori offset presses totaled 1,282, providing quality service to 1,241 clients.

In 2012, thanks to its forward-looking vision, Infotech introduced to the market digital printing solutions, a milestone in its evolvement. At the advent of digital printing, Infotech thus becomes the only equipment and service provider committed to both offset and digital printing.