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July 12-14 2023
National Exhibition and Convention Center · Shanghai · China

TruPoint Doctor Blade Team Enjoyed Great Popularity at SinoCorrugated 2017


At the SinoCorrugated 2017, the Stand A78 in N5 Pavilion, where TruPoint Doctor Blade Team under Flexo Concepts released their new products. 


According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the printing & coating plants in U.S. lose USD740 million in the medical expense and absence of work for employees due to wrist cut by blades. Can you bear such risks? 


Visitors found the answers at N5, A78 and understood the possible hidden cost caused by the steel blades and the methods to enhance the worksite security and lower financial risks. Meanwhile, at the site, the representatives of Reed Exhibitions also luckily had an interview with Mr. Kevin McLaughlin, Executive President of Flexco Concepts Teams, and Mr. Steve Kao, Key Account Manager of Flexco Concepts, of whom Mr. McLaughlin gave an introduction on the features of Flexco blades. Flexo Concepts®, since the launch of its first printing blade TruPoint™ in 1989, never stopped the development of technology. While the corrugated printing industry was looking for an excellent blade with longer service life and stronger rigidity due to the application corrosive ink, Flexo Concepts® developed TruPoint ProFlex™ doctor blades, which significantly enhanced the performance and security of blades. In 2016, Flexo Concepts® completed the development and test of Green®, an ideal option for the graphic printing with medium height, featuring better performance and stronger security than steel blades and longer service life than UHMW. It can also provide more consistent printing performance, take less manual adjustment and help avoid scratches by anilox rollers. With constant innovation to satisfy the changing demands of the market, Flexo Concepts® was widely recognized by the clients and earned high reputation in the industry.

At the exhibition, Mr. McLaughlin extended his sincere blessings to the industry elites. Viewing the future of the industry, he held a positive perspective and expressed his expectation to join another SinoCorrugated Exhibition for his trust in the high professionalism and authenticity. 



Flexo Concepts®, situated in Plymouth, Massachusetts, US, started the manufacturing of UHMW scrapers for corrugated printing machinery plants in 1988. At the beginning, the company set up a partnership with several corrugated equipment manufacturers in US and Europe and designed a doctor blade for conveying ink. Upon the cooperation, UHMW scrapers with ultra-high density of molecules became the standard in the industry for its great lubricity and abrasion resistance. For now, Flexo Concepts® has become an important UHMW supplier in Asia and the world, with a share of 70% in the corrugated blade market, and the designated partner by over 40 corrugated printing houses around the world.