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April, 2025
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BusinesStat Analyzed the Russian Corrugated Market

February 10, 2021


In 2016-2020, sales of corrugated packaging in Russia increased by 27% - from 4.67 to 5.93 billion sq m. The index grew continuously. However, in 2020 it was only 2.2%.



There could have been more, but this was prevented by the suspension of a number of consumer enterprises due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, as well as the lack of funding caused by the economic crisis.


In addition, demand for industrial packaging and packaging has partially decreased due to reduced consumption of non-food products and a drop in traffic volumes throughout the year, according to the BusinesStat Analysis of the Market for Boxes and Boxes of Corrugated Cardboard in Russia in 2016-2020, the assessment of the impact of coronavirus and the forecast for 2021-2025.


In 2021-2025, sales of corrugated packaging in Russia are expected to grow by 18.6% compared to 2020 and reach 7.03 billion sq m.


The stagnation of real disposable incomes of citizens and the expected decline in the country's population will have a negative impact on retail trade.


Sales of many industrial goods in the forecast period will either decrease or grow at a slower pace, thus limiting the growth of the market of boxes and boxes of corrugated cardboard.