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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

RX China Cooperates with China’s Procurement Authority

On September 6, 2021, RX China was invited to attend the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) and witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between RELX Group, the parent company of RX China, and the China Association for Promoting UN Procurement (CAPUNP) during the Global Procurement and Sustainable Development of Digital Economy Forum.

The signing of the MOU is for deepening the cooperation in the field of international commerce between the two sides. Working together, RELX Group and CAPUNP aim to diversify international markets, help more Chinese enterprises integrate into the UN global procurement system and participate in international economic and technological cooperation and competition.

As the only association approved by China’s State Council that can cooperate with the United Nations for its procurement affairs, CAPUNP has long-term collaboration with more than ten United Nations agencies, greatly enhancing the global influence and competitiveness of Chinese brands. CAPUNP and RELX Group will together gather global resources and inject new growth momentum into international business cooperation.

Mr. Wang Xunan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of CAPUNP

Mr. Wang Xunan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of CAPUNP, commented, “exhibition economy has a large multiplier effect, stimulating new forms of foreign trade and driving the development of the digital economy. The cooperation between CAPUNP and RELX Group will make a difference in the exhibition industry, helping more Chinese enterprises, Chinese products and Chinese services mature into the blue ocean of the international public procurement market.”

As a member of RELX Group, RX China will participate in this strategic cooperation, actively adapt to China’s new development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay, and jointly build a high-quality platform that connects China and the rest of the world in terms of international cooperation, procurement, investment and training exchanges.

Mr. Zheng Zhisheng, President of RX China

Mr. Zheng Zhisheng, President of RX China, said, “through the strategic cooperation between RELX Group and CAPUNP, the two sides will make full use of each other's professional knowledge, service system, industry resources, global network, digital technologies and market-oriented operations to help more Chinese companies participate in the global economy and promote the sustainable development of China’s export-oriented economy.

In the future, RX China and CAPUNP will actively explore ways of co-organizing online and offline summit forums, seminars, business inspections and industry networking activities, and provide professional training in the fields of automotive and rail transit, agriculture and food safety, medicine and health, information technology, retail and consumer products, supply chain, and sustainable development. With all these efforts, an all-weather and cross-regional business platform will be built to tap more international business opportunities, and promote the sustainable and high-quality development of international cooperation and trade.

At present, repeated surges of Covid-19 cases have affected international trade. However, international business exchanges have never been interrupted. In particular, the Chinese economy has shown strong resilience and vitality as it recovers from the pandemic. As the world's leading exhibition organizer, RX China organizes nearly 80 industry exhibitions in China every year, serves 12 industries, and helps international buyers who cannot come to China due to epidemic restrictions communicate and trade with suitable exhibitors through various forms such as online exhibitions, webinars, online business matchmaking, etc.

The cooperation between RX China and CAPUNP will enable more Chinese companies to participate in high-quality international exhibitions and forums, enhancing their understanding of international public procurement channels, promoting them to obtain United Nations procurement qualifications and expand overseas sales channels. RELX Group, RX China’s parent company, will also provide strong professional support for the above-mentioned cooperation with its rich experience and strong technologies in the fields of law, big data, and digital analysis.

RX China and CAPUNP, by working together, will make a big push to international and domestic business services, and contribute to global economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.


Author : GPMA Editor Team