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April, 2025
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Kicking off the First Stop of GlobalRoadshow for SinoCorrugated South 2018 and SinoFoldingCarton 2018 in Vietnam!

Introduction: SinoCorrugated South 2018 & SinoFoldingCarton 2018 Global Promotional Tour promotional tour took place in Vietnam during 10-15 July, as Reed Exhibitions launched the first leg of the global roadshow of the two events – Vietnam Corrugated & Folding Industry Summit. Accompanied by Reed staff,  SinoCorrugated Advisory Board and over 20 leading Chinese suppliers studied the market in Vietnam, including engagement and networking with five local corrugated carton and printing players. The roadshow included field trips, meetings, and social events, in an effort to promote business engagement between counterparts of the two countries, with Chinese suppliers benefited from support in an overseas market. 

Vietnam: the printing and packaging market with big potentials in Asia

As a marketplace in Asia that offers big potentials, Vietnam has over 3,000 printing companies registered as of 2016. The country is a valued destination by many international players thanks to low labor costs and an advantageous geographic location. As the first leg of the roadshow of SinoCorrugated & SinoFoldingCarton, Vietnam offers leads to emerging customers who enjoy emerging business and rising capacity. In the next few years, the packaging industry in Vietnam is expected to grow while attracting bigger investment. However, overcapacity, low margins, and weak profitability, issues that affect other markets, will certain affect Vietnam too. Therefore, industry and technology upgrade is the way forward, thus representing a good opportunity for middle and high level Chinese products to gain a foothold in Vietnam.
The Reed delegation called on five representative Vietnam companies between 11 and 13 July. Received with the warm hospitality by the Vietnamese hosts, the delegation visited the plant floor. Huang Zhuangfu and He Jian of the SinoCorrugated Advisory Board offered recommendations to the Vietnamese companies on how to address challenges.

Stop 1: Ho Chi Minh City

As the economic center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a big market, and obviously provides a good choice for the first stop of the delegation, which spent the first two days of the trip in the city and was warmly received by local industry leaders SOVI and LIKSIN.

Factory Visit --- SOVI, a leading packaging player


SOVI provides cartons and color packaging to a wide range of industries such as cosmetics, food, tobacco, alcohol, shoes, and textiles, among others. The company operates three factories that serve over 150 major customers, including such MNCs as Unilever, Castrol, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Netsle, accounting for 80% of MNCs operating in Vietnam.

Factory Visit--- LIKSIN – the first internationally certified printing & packaging enterprise in Vietnam


Established in 1978, Liksin is a major state-owned company in Vietnam, which has nine subsidiaries, 27 affiliates, and a technical academy. The leader in the Printing industry is Liksin that known for applying advanced technology in production and its focus on R&D work. As so far, Liksin has passed multiple international certifications such as HACCP, CSR, and GMP. It boasts a total packaging plant floor area of 24,000 sqm and a total printing plant floor area of 12,141 sqm.

Vietnam Packaging Industry Association: Ready to work with Reed to connect counterparts of both countries

On the night of 11 July, Ho Chi Minh Corrugated Carton & Packaging Reception Gala Dinner took place at Sheraton Hotel. The Chinese delegation got to engage with local companies and agents. The local industry association appreciated the effort by Reed to promote local industry growth and bilateral industry exchange, while expressing the willingness to work together in the future by building on existing cooperation. Thus, Vietnamese companies would be able to get access to desired equipment faster and in bigger confidence thanks to expedited business connectivity.  



Stop 2: Hanoi


The Reed delegation arrived in the second stop – Hanoi – by flight on 12 July. As the capital city and political center of Vietnam, Hanoi boasts many corrugated carton businesses. On the day of arrival, the delegation was warmly received by state-owned companies in Hanoi, Mr. Fan President of the Vietnam Packaging Industry Association also attended the welcome ceremony.

Dong Anh Factory


On July 13, Reed delegation called on leading local companies - Xiongwang and Ansheng.
Ansheng Packaging – printing and packaging leader in Hai Phong


Established in 2000, Ansheng Packaging boasts factories in Yongnian and Jianrui Industrial Districts in Hai Phong, with a total production floor area of over 30,000 sqm. The company also boasts a big customer base, including leading electronics and appliance makers in Europe, Japan, and Korea such as Sharp, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Electrolux, and Panasonic.

Xiongwang Packaging – building on 23 years of history, now upgrading its legacy equipment 


Established in 1994, Xiongwang is part of the Vietnam Packaging Holdings. The company specializes in producing 3/5/7-layer cartons and A/B/E/AB corrugated cartons. Other products include raw materials cartons of various kinds, design make and color cartons, and glue/flex/net printing. The company also provides post-printing processing services. Boasting a total production floor area of 16,000 sqm and advanced production lines, the company is upgrading its facilities and driving the modernization process as it replaces legacy systems and equipment.
150 business representatives from Hanoi take part in Corrugated & Folding Industry Summit on 15 July .
On 15 July, the final day of the delegation in Vietnam, the Corrugated & Folding Industry Summit will take place. Already, 150 business representatives from Hanoi have confirmed their presence as they look forward to engaging with suppliers. The agenda is provided below. Stay tuned for more details of the event.




Vietnam Corrugated & Folding Industry Summit


Opening remarks by Vietnam Packaging Industry Association and Reed Exhibitions


Vietnam Packaging Industry Association: Local economy, packaging industry explained


Kunal Avari: HP digital revolution, technology trends


Panel Discussion: How do companies adapt to changing market and seize new opportunities?


VMT.DF Company – printing technology/applications


Expert View by Mr. Huangzhuang Fu: printing technology upgrades


ALLWELL Machinery case study


Mr. He Jian, Management Expert: Best practices shared on business productivity enhancement