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1,300 Global Suppliers to Gather at 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021!


11 Nov. 2020


SHANGHAI- The year 2021 marks the 20th year of SinoCorrugated. SinoCorrugated and its concurrent shows is going to launch a 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show on July 14-17, 2021, which will gather more than 1,300 packaging equipment and consumables suppliers from all around the world to exhibit their most cutting-edge production solutions.

Despite the impact the COVID-19 pandemic, the 6-IN-1 Mega Show organized by Reed Exhibitions, including SinoCorrugated South 2020, SinoFoldingCarton 2020, and PACKCON 2020, came to a successful conclusion in July 2020, thus injecting new confidence to the already disheartened packaging and printing industry.    

As the new year draws near, the industry needs urgently a rebirth and embark on a new journey towards the future. To that end, Reed plans to launch a show more extravagant than ever — a 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show in 2021. 



July 14-17, 2021, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China, Halls N1-N5,W1-W

▲Exhibition Hall Plan


As a world-renowned professional exhibition and conference organizer, Reed Exhibitions has been exploring the packaging and printing industry for over 30 years. As it grows, Reed has continued to integrate global resources as part of an effort to make the packaging industry greener. Reed is dedicated to providing a diversified professional platform for packaging equipment and material manufacturers, packaging service providers and end users, where industry practitioners get to know the latest trends in the industry, identify new directions of development, and generate new ideas through cooperation!


▲Sino Show Milestones

The year 2021 marks the 20th year of SinoCorrugated, which, over the years, has evolved from an exhibition with an area of 7,700 m2, 171 exhibitors and 4,275 visitors in 2001, to one with an expecting area of 120,000 m2, 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors in 2021.

In 2021, Reed will leverage the massive industry data it has collected over the years and its brand advantages to continuously integrate resources, including industrial associations, media, branded equipment suppliers, and end users in China and beyond, and present a mega show more inclusive, spectacular, effective and comprehensive than ever at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.


7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show: The Largest Ever

  •   7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show
  •  Covering the Whole Packaging Industry Chain
  •  Bring Synergistic Effects into Full Play
  •   Contribute to Integrated Industrial Development
  •  Build Market Ecological Chain


Covering an area of 120,000 m2 in 10 exhibition halls, the 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 will gather more than 1,300 packaging equipment and consumables suppliers from all around the world to exhibit their most cutting-edge production solutions.

With the support of over 200 industrial associations and media in China and beyond, the 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 is expected to attract the participation by 80,000 professional buyers from China and overseas, as well as 10,000 end users who are likely to place container and material orders on site. 



The China-U.S. trade frictions, the COVID-19 pandemic, among other black swan events in recent years, have, to varying degrees, challenged manufacturers’ capabilities of information collection, emergency response and handling. Therefore, companies have to ponder over how to save costs, reduce consumption, upgrade production capacity, save energy and protect the environment. The 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 will incorporate seven shows that cover all links of the industry chain, and provide not only optimized solutions for raw material procurement, equipment production, personalized small-batch digital printing and packaging, and for the upgrading and transformation of automated intelligent plants in the upper stream, but also a glimpse of the new packaging trends from peers and the diversified development models of related paper packaging business in the middle stream, and access to end-user demand and business opportunities in the lower stream. 

SinoCorrugated 2021

A grand gathering of world-leading brands, where state-of-the-art technologies and equipment in the corrugated industry, as well as highly cost-effective solutions, will be exhibited, to enable carton manufacturers to lower costs and increase capacity on their path to “smart manufacturing”.

SinoFoldingCarton 2021

A show covering every link of the folding carton and color printing value chain and dedicated to the segments of the post-press industry, which provides quality products with high value-added for buyers with different purchase requirement.


The show will set up an effective trade platform that enables carton manufacturers connect with end-users and find more potential partners.

SinoFlexPack 2021

A concentrated display of new products, technologies, and solutions throughout the value chain of the flexible package industry, offering carton manufacturers the chance to meet more potential partners and providing more cost-effective integrated packaging solutions for the customers, in line with the existing policy that encourages minimal use of plastic package for ecological purposes.

SinoPaper 2021

A comprehensive show of packaging paper, printing paper and special paper, helping carton and folding carton manufacturers to expand raw material procurement channels and lower procurement costs.

InMAT 2021

Focusing on the integrated and automated in-company transportation and packaging of materials and products, the show will present development opportunities in the vertical markets and boosts the efforts of carton, folding carton, and flexible package manufacturers on their path to automated smart manufacturing.

DPrint 2021

The show will exhibit the applications of digital printing and post-press technology in the packaging industry, and offer a glimpse of the changes brought by digital printing to the packaging solutions in the application market for carton, folding carton, and flexible package manufacturers.

Leveraging Massive Data for Targeted Match-making

360° Integrated Marketing to Promote the Core Competitiveness of the Shows

  •  Massive Data
  •  Leading Suppliers in the Industry
  •  Targeted Match-making
  •  All-Channel Coverage
  •  All-Round Marketing

The 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 will make the best use of all channels to enable buyers connect with as many potential suppliers as possible, and arrange targeted matchmaking for the buyers.

Forums and Summits: Where Insights Meet

Elevating the quality of shows to new heights and developing as a quality business platform

  • Global Sourcing
  • New Policy and Market Trend Analysis
  • New Product Launch
  • Outstanding Solutions Showcase

The 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 will incorporate over 50 summits, forums, and themed zones, held both online and offline revolving around hot topics and latest trends of the industry. These activities will cover every practitioner working at every link of the industry and indicate the potential development directions of the industry.


For Head Players in the Packing and Printing Industry



Corrugated World Forum

During the Mega Show 2021, Reed will host the Second Corrugated World Forum, inviting global experts to share their insights on the current situation and trends of the industry, and leaders of near a thousand carton companies to jointly explore ways to overcome the current difficulties.

▲WCA 2019


Reed Exhibitions Reception Dinner and World Corrugated Awards

The second World Corrugated Awards (WCA) will also be held alongside the show, which is designed to select the most innovative, eco-friendly, and practically usable corrugated products, innovative business models and practitioners from the companies that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the global corrugated industry.


▲Sino Virtual Show 2020

Diversified Supplementary E-programs

As a grand gathering of the global packaging and printing industry, the 7-IN-1 Sino Mega Show 2021 will leverage its professional database built in the past 30 years and work with overseas industrial associations and media to launch series E-programs.

Through online match-making, online guided tours, webinars, exhibitor interviews, and Running Man program, Reed will provide buyers with opportunities to communicate face-to-face with suppliers and meet potential partners.   

Chances to Interact with End Users

Series of activities will be held alongside PACKCON 2021, including Black Packaging Tech Club, PACKCON STAR AWARDS, special zones for exhibiting selected works of the Blue Planet Project (Sustainable Package Contest), and the Golden Bridge Matching Pavilion. These will enable carton manufacturers to meet their end users and strike deals with them, which also serve to enable carton manufacturers to achieve green and sustainable development by providing a quality information platform where they can get access to new materials and technologies.


Reed will join hands with you to embark on a new journey towards the future. Looking forward to seeing you in July in Shanghai!