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Manufacturing Marketing Insights for 2021- Digital Is An Unavoidable Trend

January 5,2021

GPMA editor team


The study Manufacturing Content Marketing (Insights for 2021) conducted by content marketing institute pointed out that 70% of those surveyed changed their targeting/messaging strategy in response to the pandemic. Manufacturing is attaching greater importance to digital. The top three types of content that manufacturing marketers use for content marketing purposes are email newsletters (81%), blog posts/short articles (79%), and videos (79%).

Content Creation and Distribution 

  • 82% of manufacturing marketers used paid channels to distribute content in the last 12 months. Of that group, 79% used social media advertising/promoted posts.
  • Email continues to be an effective way to reach customers,According to the study, “2/3 of targeted customers subscribe to at least three newsletters, with 18% subscribing to six or more.” The study also found that 43% of respondents open most or all newsletters and either read every one or at least scan for content; another 1/3 of respondents scan subject lines and open the ones that intrigue them.”
  • Of the manufacturing marketers who use paid advertising on social media, the two platforms they use most often are Facebook (79%) and LinkedIn (60%).

Budget & Spending 

  • 45% said their manufacturing organization had shifted traditional paid advertising dollars to content marketing in the last 12 months.
  • Insight for 2021- Take Action Now!
  1. Assess what worked and what didn’t in 2020.
  2. Continue to build relationships online while in-person events are limited.
  3. Focus on content operations.
  4. Develop an audience data plan.

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