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World Corrugated Awards 2021

January 29, 2021

GPMA editor team


Why we created an “Oscar Award” for global corrugated industry?


The origins of the WCA


As the organizer of the World Corrugated Awards, Reed Exhibitions, rooted in the corrugated industry for more than 20 years of experience, first launched the global industry awards as it was incredibly important to corrugated and packaging industry worldwide.


We call for the action to acknowledge and highlight the exceptional work of global corrugated professionals and enterprises is a foundation of the program’s core value, and also reward the pioneering design, marketing, management and society responsibility case of the year to make prominent contributions well-known.


Nowadays, with technology evolving faster than at any time, the World Corrugated Awards program gives us an opportunity to reflect and recognize the unprecedented achievements of all those who continue to ensure the industry moves forward and meets growing demands.


The World Corrugated Awards are a valuable memory and reminder that all of us can’t tell development and bright future alone.


What we gained from WCA 2019?


Once again we congratulate all winners of the first edition of World Corrugated Awards which took place at Shanghai, China in April 2019. It was a record for us in terms of the number of entrants and attendees in the whole competition process.


With hundreds of nominated cases submitted within half year and 18 finalists were shortlisted by the judges features 14 industry experts from the world’s largest brand owners, international and domestic associations and media representatives, finally, all of winners demonstrated what the World Corrugated Awards 2019 gained and why it was called the highest achievement of corrugated industry globally.


Design Innovation Award


Compared to the traditional wooden pallets, Tri-Wall’s two-way paper tray is lighter, cheaper and eco-friendlier. With a reasonable structural design, the weighing strength of paper trays can have better performance as wooden pallets did.


Material Innovation Award


XINGRUI solved the problem of insufficient protection of the corrugated carton in the packaging. The jury agreed that XINGRUIs cardboard has a great potential in the future.


Application Innovation Award


BINGXIN‘s PPM model takes into account the production difficulties of the special box structure. Through effective cooperation with the equipment suppliers the valuable design can be applying into reality, and the creative carton will be available to the wider market.


New Factory Planning Award


The intelligent factory case from J.S MACHINE is dedicated to provide high-end customized intelligent factory solutions and performance improvement services for carton board enterprises with intelligent factory management systems.


New-Generation Professional Manager Award


Meshari Al Jabr has built a modern and innovative state-of-the-art factory and invested into outperforming machinery to provide customers world-class packaging production. At the same time, he is also passionate about charity and has contributed to local chambers of commerce and local charities.


Environment-friendly and Intensive Production Contribution Award


Kingele Papierwerke has a strong environmental awareness and clear implementation plan. New energy is generated through waste recycling. The recycling of renewable energy such as photovoltaics and wind energy is used to realize the process using energy.


What to see for WCA 2021?


We are delighted to continue to celebrate the World Corrugated Awards 2021 striving to drive the industry forward at this challenging time.


Concurrent with SinoCorrugated 2021, the World Corrugated Awards 2021 will be one of the largest and most widely anticipated annual awards in the world. The program set the benchmark for what an award represents and has endured to become a milestone for those talented individuals or enterprises enough to win.


For enterprises and individuals participating in the World Corrugated Awards 2021, winning an award from the World Corrugated Awards is an achievement that lasts a lifetime and commands industry-wide admiration.



More convenient cases nomination procedure

With only two steps, candidates could download the official nomination form from WCA 2021 official homepage, fill out and send it to organizer contact person. The contact details can be find online via World Corrugated Awards 2021 Homepage. Once a case has been submitted, the organizer will keep contact you keeps you updated on the process.




More transparent selection mechanism

The first round of voting-middle of May to end of May

-       Online voters of the public and executives working within the corrugated and packaging industry, have until middle of May to choose the first round of Semi-finallist via online voting process. At the same time, voting the Top 3 of each category will be shortlisted and evaluated again by all judges from around the world in the form of a point rating system. The full namelist for online voting can be announced and viewed in omni-channels at the end of May.

The second round of voting-Show days (July 14th)

-       Followed by online voting, the Top 3 cases with most of the votes in each category will receive the second onsite voting alongside SinoCorrugated 2021 on July 14th 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) at Shanghai, China.



More authoritative judge committee members

The World Corrugated Awards 2019 gained the strongly support from the world’s most influential industry associations and world-leading end user brands. Following the previous brilliant achievements, WCA2021 will gather more well-known industry associations, experts and institutions from all over the world to join in.



More fabulous Awards Ceremony

The winners will be unveiled at the red-carpet gala ceremony on July 16th 2021, with the industrial elites in attendance. Compared with 2019, the awards ceremony of WCA2021 will present a larger scale of gala event.


For further information, please contact:

Ms. Ivy Huang

Telephone: +86 21 2231 7059

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