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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Interview with Finsys

Interview with Finsys


1.Please introduce Finsys ERP

Finsys is the largest selling specialised ERP software for the Corrugation packaging industry in India.

Today, Finsys has the pride in serving almost 100 plants of Corrugation Packaging, Folded Carton Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Label Packaging.

We are serving in India, West Asia, Mauritius and mainland Africa.

We owe this acceptability to the support of our patrons, and the events like SinoCorrugated.

2.How does the Corrugation Industry benefits from ERP?

Today, conversion cost customers allow to you is bare minimum.

And the Machinery and paper both cost substantially.

The Corrugator convertors cannot dictate to either vendor or the customer.

The conversion margin gets tougher if you don’t have systems. So, Finsys ERP brings to you the time tested technology. This is the technology that can help you decide what to print and when? How much to buy and when? Which job to load on which machine? So, the costs are lowest. So, the time taken is low.

So, the mistakes are not repeated.

So, the Work in Progress is monitored.

So, the Corrugating Convertor, can make higher Profit than without an ERP.

3.One small example that could be helpful guide to all

Using simple smart phone for Issue of Reels by the Fork List operator, for Receiving Back the Part Reel from the Reel Stand. Same Android based simple smart phone works on Wi-Fi to do the physical verification of all reels in the Reel Godown. So you are live always.

And the big thing is that you don’t need high end qualified staff for this. Your ordinary fork lift driver can do all this too.

Now this is a revolutionary idea created by Finsys team. We hope the whole industry adopts this. Very economical and very good results. It is success.

4.Please share the details of new products/applications/technologies being introduced at SinoCorrugated 2019 Expo, Shanghai?

Yes, Finsys have something Great for the Production data entry and Sales order booking.

Both can do directly on the Phones or Tabs

For the industry, this is a Revolution.

The Production people can use Android Tab, to enter the data, then and there

The reconciliation also happens, then and there

The Rejection is entered with reasons, immediately

Downtime also, immediately

Good for all.

Marketing salesman can enter the Sales orders then and there.

They can send the Payment reminder letters too, directly from their Phone, click to shoot the email.

5.Any other deal or business development to announce

We have integrated Finsys with Whatsapp.

Now the MIS Reports and the Alerts can be programmed and

ERP can shoot the Message via Whatsapp automatically

No human working required

6.Any business you are doing outside India?

We are working for packaging Plants in Africa, and Mauritius apart from India.

7.Being an exhibitor, why is SinoCorrugated an important show for your company?

For us SinoCorrugated is a “Hit”. We have been a participant with 100% attendance as an exhibitor in SinoCorrugated Shanghai 2017, and SinoCorrugated South Guangzhou, 2018.

And we are loving the way it has become a place where our goals are achieved.

All Our Four goals were achieved.

a) Meeting, interacting and Relationship with the existing customers. b) Show-casing and Interacting with the new “qualified” potential customers c) Brand Visibility for Finsys as a Brand. d) Knowing the competition

8.On the success of the Sino Expo as an Exhibition of Repute

IndiaCorr Expo is like a Grand Indian wedding ceremony Everybody who is anybody in the corrugation industry is here Either to display or to see the display To discuss and hear others discuss The Finsys ERP community with over 100 packaging plants across the world. We get a chance to meet our existing customers. About 24 of our existing customers Managing Directors came to our stall in the last exhibition. Saw the new technologies being evolved. Gave their new ideas too. And the best thing was when some of the existing clients gave live testimonials to the potential customers evaluating our Finsys ERP software. Then and there. That is the biggest benefit.

9.Your views about corrugation industry in India, especially its technical and business/opportunity side.

The market is in the upswing. The 2016 effects of Demonetisation, GST, packed date cut-off date, the paper price ups and downs, are all past tense. The things are have come up. The New generation corrugation entrepreneurs now know themselves that future belongs to those who are open minded. Embrace technology, reduce wastage, and march ahead.

It is a big business opportunity for us.

Sangeet Kr Gupta, Finsys Infotech Limited, India
[email protected]