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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

World Corrugated Forum

July 11th, 2023
WYNDHAM Shanghai Hongqiao(State Guest Hall) Contact

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About World Corrugated Forum

In the post-pandemic era, advancements in technology have made the automation and intelligent application of printing and packaging production gradually become a reality. Advanced technologies such as digital printing, integrated packaging printing technology, and automated inspection techniques are being progressively applied in various stages of product production and quality management within the industry. This further enhances production efficiency, reduces production cycles, and saves labor costs. Traditional equipment with poor performance, low efficiency, and high energy consumption will be gradually replaced, while automation and intelligent technology, integrated packaging printing technology, and the application of digital printing will become the future development direction for the printing and packaging industry.

Reed Exhibitions will host the World Corrugated Forum - "Intelligent Connection, Future" on July 11, 2023, at Wyndham Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. This forum will invite representatives from prominent associations worldwide to share industry dynamics and cutting-edge trends in their respective regions. Over 500 industry elites, including association members, media, experts, packaging factories, equipment suppliers, and material suppliers, will gather together, marking the first high-end networking event in the global corrugated packaging industry in the post-pandemic era!

Master industry trends and plan for future development.

Expand industry communication and establish industry connections.

Forum Scale

  • Bringing together 300+ corrugated packaging companies, end users, industry experts, and equipment suppliers from 25 countries across 6 continents, this event marks the first high-end networking gathering in the corrugated industry during the pandemic era.
  • Over 11 global authoritative experts in the corrugated packaging industry will provide comprehensive insights into the industry's transformations and global trends.
  • Supported by 50+ corrugated and printing industry associations worldwide.
  • Attracting attention from 50+ international media outlets, with full coverage of the event.

Forum Agenda

World Corrugated Forum-Link the World, Shape the Future





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Opening Speech



EU Policy about Reuse of Corrugated

Peter Van Ostajien-Director, CBA
(Corrugated Benelux Association)


Digital Printing Innovation of Carton Box

Enrico Barboglio-Director General, ACIMGA
 (Association of Italian manufacturers of machinery for the graphic, paper and converting industry)


Argentina Carton Box Trends

Mariano Saludjian-Director General,CAFCCO
 (Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Cartón Corrugado)


Overview of Asian Packaging Trends

Varna Sudasna-Director, ACCA
(Asia Corrugated Case Association)


 Indian Current Situation & Trends of Corrugated Packaging

Bharat Parekh- Hon Secretary, FCBM
(Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers)


Break Time


Tendency Analysis of Packaging & Printing Industry

Qi Yuansheng-Dean of School of Printing & Packaging Engineer, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication


Interpretation of the Development Trend of E-commerce logistics packaging

Duan Yanjian- Head of Logistics Packaging Plan, Jingdong


Ending Speech

Kishan Singh- WPO Global Ambassador,  WPO
(World Packaging Organisation)


World Corrugated Awards Ceremony


Cocktail Break


RX Welcome Dinner

The final agenda will be provided on-site at the event.

Value to attend

  • Grasp the pulse of the times and listen to experts from various national associations analyze the profound impact of external political and economic environments on the development of the corrugated packaging industry.
  • Engage in dialogues with industry elites, renowned academics, executives from end-user brands, and experts who will share insightful perspectives on the industry's most authentic development trends.
  • Experience cross-industry collisions of ideas, as corrugated packaging manufacturers, end users, industry experts, and equipment suppliers converge to collectively explore new markets in the field of corrugated packaging.
  • Understand the objective impact of "smart manufacturing new models" and "new technologies" on the industry's development, enabling attendees to adapt and plan for the future.
  • Embrace diversity and gather knowledge from a wide range of sources. Witness the live presentation of the "World Corrugated Awards" with 8 major awards and over 20 outstanding case studies showcased at the event.

Review of previous forum

Looking back of past forum

Important Notice: This conference offers free registration and provides real-time simultaneous interpretation in both English and Chinese. To ensure the quality of the event and a good audience experience, all attendees are invited specifically. After registering, your application will be reviewed by the organizers. Once approved, you will receive an official invitation letter for the conference, which will be required for entry. Thank you for your understanding and trust!