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Chinese experts share experience on how the world can fight COVID-19

19 Mar. 2020


The State Council Information Office of China (SCIO) held a press conference in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province on Sunday. 

Experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital briefed the media and shared experience in fighting coronavirus with the rest of the world.

Du Bin, professor and doctor of Medical ICU, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, says: "test, test and test is the best way to prevent COVID-19." He also adds "prevent and control the disease, rather than treatment right now."

Wu Dong, associate professor of Gastroenterology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, says: "We totally respect that every nation and every people. You have your own condition that could be very different from others. But every one of us should take this very seriously, take necessary actions, change your behavior and be responsible for the medical community."




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