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Mondi aims to fulfil sustainability targets of the industry

19 Mar. 2020


Reed Exhibitions is proud to announce another incoming nomination for the World Corrugated Awards 2021. The nominated case of Mondi belongs to the category Design Innovation Award.

Mondi is an international packaging and paper group employing more than 25,000 people with around 100 production sites across more than 30 countries. The company is serving the whole packaging and paper value chain – from the growing of wood and the manufacturing of pulp and paper, to the conversion of packaging papers into e.g.  corrugated packaging materials.

SideSupport of Mondi

Heavy white good products such as, heaters or kitchen appliances require additional supportive and protective inserts inside the transport box to stay undamaged until arrival at the consumer. In particular the corners of heavy primary products require special protection against any impact that may occur throughout supply chain. Such inserts are widely made of fossil-based materials such as EPS (Styrophoam) kind of supportive inserts generally are made of EPS- expanded polystyrene foam. 


Design Description

SideSupport is a single-piece inner edge and corner support construction from 100% corrugated board. It was developed to replace less sustainable material- primarily EPS. SideSupport needs to be placed on all four sides of a product for full protection. From a flat cut out SideSupport is manually folded to its final construction, which results in very low space consumption of the product before consumption and major logistics benefits along the supply chain. The design was created as a result of the cooperation between Mondi's product development- and customers’ R&D teams.


Innovativeness & Sustainability of Design

Mondis patented design offers impressive product protection for heavy products, which underpins its strong alternative position vs concepts with EPS. Test results show a better protective performance of “Side support” then EPS variants. This is explained through the air space created in the construction with the effect of a highly effective, shock absorbent buffer zone between the outside of the box and the packed product. SideSupport is made of corrugated board and is therefore 100% recyclable in standard recycling streams. Compared with standard EPS solution SideSupport contributes to a

better world with an 81% reduction of CO2 emissions. SideSupport is a substituted design for EPS corner support.


About the World Corrugated Awards 2021

Organized by Reed Exhibitions and strongly backed by the world’s most influential industry associations, the WORLD CORRUGATED AWARDS 2021, an international competition of corrugated industry, is going into the second edition. The Award is going to select the pioneering design, marketing, management and society responsibility case of the year to award the teams and individuals who have made prominent contributions to the development of the global corrugated industry.  


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Nominations can be submitted across three fields: Innovation Awards (Design Innovation, Material Innovation, Application Innovation), Corporate Management Awards (New Factory Planning Award, New-Generation Professional Manager Award) & Social Value Awards (Environment-friendly Contribution Award).

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For Europe Nominations

Corrugated Benelux Association (CBA)

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Brunton Publishing

Contact: Mr. Dan Brunton, Publisher Europe

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For South America Nominations

Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Cartón Corrugado (CAFCCO)

Contact: Mariano Saludjian

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For India Nominations

Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India (FCBM)

Contact: Mr. V K Dewan, President of FCBM

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