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April, 2025
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Optimization and

sustainability of the

corrugated cardboard

industry in 2021


DATE:    February 26, Friday

TIME:    10am-12am,

              Argentina Time (9pm-11pm, Beijing Time)

RX and Cámara Argentina de Fabricantes de Cartón Corrugado (CAFCCO) co-organize a virtual seminar which will kick off on February 26th (10am-12am, Argentina Time). Entitled “Optimization and Sustainability of the Corrugated Cardboard Industry in 2021”, the webinar brings together 4 professionals from across the world to discuss the sustainable development and economic application in new era. 

With a wealth of industry experience, the speakers will share their rich knowledge, hands-on activities and productive innovations. The webinar will offer corrugated suppliers and manufacturers with industrial insights and solutions for advanced technologies and development to improve the durability and cost-effectiveness of corrugated products.



TOPIC:   Optimization and sustainability of the corrugated cardboard industry in 2021

DATE:    February 26, Friday

TIME:    10am-12am, Argentina Time (9pm-11pm, Beijing Time)


10:00-10:05  Opening-host

10:05-10:20  Analysis of corrugated box and packaging market in South America-CAFCCo

10:20-10:35  Introduction to SinoCorrugated 2021 - RX

10:35-11:05  Innovation and sustainable development of corrugated board

11:05-11:35  Applied economics of corrugated board industry

11:35-11:55  Intelligent automation solution of intralogistics for carton and paperboard

11:55-12:15 Market prospect and technology of digital printing

12:15-12:25  Q&A

12:25-12:30 Closing caption



Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC group, is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds, and application materials. The company is dedicated to bringing new ideas to market and providing tailored-solutions that improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities for customers, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Viviana Sayegh, Technical Director at SunChemical


Viviana Sayegh, Technical Director at SunChemical, will share her experience with the topic of “Innovation and Sustainability in The Talking Corrugated”. 

Viviana Sayegh is in charge of the technical area in Latin America. As an accomplished practitioner and solution provider, Viviana Sayegh engages herself in several projects across the area to introduce new technologies with the company’s vast portfolio. Working in SunChemical for over 20 years, she has accumulated plentiful leadership and management experience in flexible packaging market, especially flexo and gravure applications. 


Braier & Asociados Consultores is a company focusing on the development of applications and consulting services in production planning and monitoring, and natural resource management. With its expertise of optimization, the company has served customers in corrugated, paper and afforestation sector for 25 years. The products include Pandora, Procusto Corrugados, Papyro, Pegasus, Sabvia etc. 

Gustavo Braier, Managing Partner at Braier & Asociados Consultores


Gustavo Braier is a recognized speaker and expert on the technical aspects of corrugated packaging and box engineering. Gustavo Braier serves the paper and corrugated industry for over 20 years with his specialties of optimization, industrial economics, production planning and so on. He provides service for a large number of corrugated cardboard manufacturers in Latin America such as Aconcagua, Embalajes SRL, Cartonería Acevedo and Compañía Corrugadora del centro (CCDC). As an Information Technology Consultant, Gustavo Braier with his team apply the products of Braier & Asociados Consultores to minimize the refiling of paper in the corrugator and manage the operations of the factory floor.


Chaint Corporation,a member of Poly Group, a leading supplier for intelligent equipment and system of material handling and auto warehouse, providing one-package solution integrating mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, network. Till now, Chaint supplied 1500 systems for more than 400 customers worldwide. Printing & Packaging business division from Chaint was founded in 2014, is dedicated in providing intelligent material handling and AS/RS solution on whole plant in printing & packaging industry, including base roll handling system and AS/RS, corrugated board handling system and AS/RS, automatic robot palletizer, AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) transportation system and other systems with customized design for customers.

Steven Liu, Dupty Director of Sales at Chaint Corporation


Mr. Steven Liu is in charge of overseas project sales at Chaint Corporation. As a technical sales manager for more than 10 years, he has rich experiences of whole mill layout planning, process designing, logistics solution of materials handling for pulp& paper industry, corrugator industry etc. In webinar, he will share with us the Chaint solutions about how to reduce manpower, improve automation, improve efficiency of material handling and auto warehouse for corrugator industry.


Shenzhen wonder printing system Co., ltd. is a new enterprise engaged in researching and development, production and sales of environmentally digital printing equipment, committed to provide customers with environmentally, energy-saving, efficient packaged printing system.

To further resolve customer’s demand, improve our services and programs, Shenzhen Wonder always keep developing various facilities, including Automatic Vanish Printing System, WDGY180,WDGY250 etc; Automatic Trimming & Slotting & Slitter Scorer system WDKC250, WDKC310; special water-based dye ink, UV cable ink, glass coating vanish and so on.


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