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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Displaying the Top-quality of the Global Packaging Industry, WEPACK 2023 Will Shine in Shanghai in July!

July 12-14, 2023

With the theme of "Linking the World, Connecting the Industry, and Synergizing Development"

WEPACK (World Expo of Packaging Industry) 2023 will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China

Featuring six concurrent exhibitions:

SinoCorrugated 2023

SinoFoldingCarton 2023


Sino Paper 2023

DPrint 2023

Food Pack & Tech 2023

As a leading exhibition in the global packaging industry, what highlights will 2023 WEPACK bring to you? Today, let's explore and find out!


Moving to a new exhibition venue with an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters

WEPACK (World Expo of Packaging Industry) has been focusing on the golden procurement season in July, opening a new exhibition venue at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China, with an expanded exhibition area 100,000 square meters, linking the country, even the world.

The display area of the new exhibition venue is more centralized, making it easier for visitors to enter the venue, saving time for wandering around and being able to grasp the overall scenery of the packaging industry chain more systematically.

Six Concurrent exhibitions with a constellation of highlights

The development trend of the global packaging industry is clear in one stop

WEPACK is a mega event organized by Reed Exhibitions(RX) and engaged in strategic cooperation with WPO (World Packaging Organization) in the global packaging industry chain. The exhibition includes six major theme exhibitions: SinoCorrugated 2023, SinoFoldingCarton 2023, PACKCON 2023, Sino Paper 2023,  DPrint 2023, and Food Pack & Tech 2023. The exhibition continues to expand in scale, continuously enriching the categories of exhibits, with full attractions, and providing a one-stop view of the development trend of the global packaging industry.

Highlights of SinoCorrugated 2023

Bringing together new products and technologies from global corrugated packaging equipment and technology suppliers


• Field demonstration of the implementation plan for the future paperboard factory in 2025

• Fully digital unattended glue-making workstation

• High-speed roll to roll digital pre-printing equipment with a maximum width of 2.5m and a speed of 1m/sec

• 1200DPI water-based high-definition digital printing machine and interlocking production lines meeting the needs of large-scale industrial production

• Double piece full-automatic box nailing line with a maximum width of 7.2m for large boxes

• Large format high-speed flat press die cutting equipment with automatic pallet stacking function

• Belt Conveyor Corrugated Board Production Line Solutions

• Carton Small Batch Customization Solutions

• Gifts & Beauty Small Batch Customization Solutions

• One Production, One Code & Anti-Counterfeit Traceability Solutions

• Digital 3D Stamping & Laser Die Cutting Solutions

• Industrial Printers & Inks & Industrial Printing System Solutions

• Pre-Press Automation & Color Management Solutions



Highlights of SinoFoldingCarton 2023


• Intelligent Folding Carton Processing Equipment

• Lid And Tray Rigid Box Wiring Processing Equipment

• Paper Mounting Processing Equipment With 18000 Sheets Per Hour

• Food Paper Bags, Bag-Making Solutions

• Glue Box Inspection Solutions

• Intelligent Glue Box Production Solutions For Full-Automatic Loading, And Packaging

• Intelligent Wine Box Production Solutions

• Premium Gift Box, Electronic Box Solutions

• Moon Cake Boxes And Tea Boxes Solutions

• Color Box & Paper Bag & Lunch Box Small Batch Customization Solutions


Highlights of DPrint 2023

• Carton Small Batch Customization Solutions

• Color Box & Paper Bag & Lunch Box Small Batch Customization Solutions

• Small Batch Customization Solutions For Label Flex Bags

• Gifts & Beauty Small Batch Customization Solutions

• One Thing, One Code & Anti-Counterfeit Traceability Solutions

• Digital 3d Stamping & Laser Die Cutting Solutions

• Industrial Printers & Inks & Industrial Printing System Solutions

• Pre-Press Automation & Color Management Solutions



Highlights of Sino Paper 2023

• How to minimize the cost of purchasing base paper?

• How to quickly establish direct business contacts with a large number of overseas base paper suppliers?



Highlights of PACKCON 2023

• A large number of leading enterprises in the carton industry, such as Dashengda Packaging, Hexing Packaging, Bingxin Packaging, YUTO, Stora Enso, and UPM, participated in the exhibition;

• Set up thematic and characteristic zones such as "Food and Beverage Packaging Supply Chain Exhibition Zone", "Industrial Packaging Zone", "Gift Packaging Design Zone", "Plant Fiber Packaging Zone", "Recyclable, Recyclable, Degradable, Bio-based Zone", "Carbon Reduction and Zero Carbon Packaging Zone", "E-commerce Logistics Packaging Zone", "Packaging Standard Testing and Certification Zone", and "Metal Packaging Zone", Comply with the new trends and market demands of the packaging industry;

• Unlock The 365 Days "Golden Bridge" Matching Service On Site;

• Holding More Than Ten Packaging Industry Forums, Conferences, And Awards at the Same Time;


100+Overseas Exhibitors from Over 30 Countries and Regions

"Top Products" in the Global Corrugated Packaging Industry without Going Abroad

With the recovery of global trade, the willingness of international exhibitors to return to participating is high. This year, more than 100 overseas exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions will come back, including seven national exhibition groups from Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United States, South Korea, and India, who will bring new equipment and technology to the conference and compete with domestic exhibitors. Let Chinese people in the corrugated packaging industry not go abroad to appreciate advanced products and innovative technologies in the global corrugated packaging industry.

Massive new products are presented in a centralized manner, and nearly 200 global/Asia Pacific debut devices are available, making your trip worthwhile

On the grand stage of the debut show, various global and Asia Pacific new products will shine on the stage, bringing a unique intellectual feast for the audiences.

First Look of Some global and Asia Pacific debut products:

• 3.3m super large format high-speed corrugated cardboard production line

• High speed belt conveyor single side and whole line solutions

• Production of face up preprinted corrugated cardboard

• High speed corrugated cardboard production line combined with online digital printing (world debut)

• Intelligent high-speed corrugated cardboard production line with adaptive cruise control

• Japan Shinko Super Alpha Series - High speed carton printing and pasting linkage line

• High speed printing nail paste box linkage line equipped with the latest nail paste box technology from South Korea

• Fully independent servo fixed unit HD printing slotting die cutting paste box linkage line

• Intelligent Shuangfeida fully automatic high-speed box pasting equipment solves the molding problems of different industrial box types

• Large format high-speed flat press die cutting equipment with automatic pallet stacking function

• Comprehensive improvement of overall solutions for the printing process:

1) Automatic adjustment system for die cutting accuracy

2) Latest pressure-free automatic paper feeding mechanism

3) Precision ink supply and management system

4) Self cleaning solution for printing plate and anilox roller

5) Color management and Internet of Things software

6) Intelligent printing product online monitoring solution

• Plant wide logistics and distribution management SAARS platform software

• Field demonstration of unmanned logistics system and intelligent loading system


In addition to the global launch/Asia Pacific debut, there are also more new products and technologies that subvert the imagination appearing on the scene.

Over 30 Cutting-Edge Forums about Industry Hot

During the same period, WEPACK will hold more than 30 cutting-edge hot forums in the industry, with nearly 100 heavyweights gathering to release cutting-edge information, share industry "real stuff", talk about global packaging industry trends, guide and promote industrial innovation and development, and comprehensively stimulate the wisdom of the group and empower the upgrading of the packaging industry. Provide a platform integrating industrial functions such as resource sharing, industry research, cooperation and exchange for the audience.

Some Concurrent Activities:

• 2023 China Electronics Industry Packaging Trends Forum

• Seminar on High Value Applications of Recycled Plastics

  • 2023 Metal Packaging Innovation Forum
  • China Alcohol Packaging Innovation and Development Forum
  • PACKON Packaging Black Technology Press Conference
  • Digital carnival exhibition area
  • Digital Packaging Cloud Exhibition
  • Panel Discussion- Latest Digital Technology Development Trend of Packaging and Printing Industry
  • Digital and Intelligent Packaging Industry Summit Forum - Leading Digital Innovation, Intelligent Efficiency Enhancement and Empowerment
  • DP -Digital Black Technology Press Conference
  • World Corrugated Awards (WCA)
  • World Corrugated Forum
  • Special tour group
  • Online webinar with overseas associations
  • 2023 Pulp Molding Innovation and Application Technology Forum
  • Big data Enables Carton Industry Development Forum
  • "Pengcheng Asks for New Business Opportunities in Packaging" - Innovation Seminar on Green Packaging Paper Industry“
  • Paper Live Group Buying Conference
  • China Packaging Paper Industry Chain Seminar
  • "Two Three Integration, Three Three Cooperation" New Model Development Forum for Corrugated Packaging
  • Reed Exhibitions Carton Industry Training Week
  • China Carton Industry Training Week
  • ……

100,000 square meters of exhibition area,

1200+well-known global exhibitors,

1800+cost-effective devices,


200+global/Asian first equipment,

30+concurrent activities

WEPACK 2023 introduces high-quality resources from the global packaging industry,

Link omnichannel,

Committed to boosting the overall recovery and growth of the global packaging industry!

July 12-14,

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

WEPACK 2023 looks forward to working with friends from the global packaging industry,

In July, we will launch a new chapter on industry development!