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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

"Ushering in a New Era of Packaging - WEPACK 2025 Press Conference - Germany" successfully convenes

"Ushering in a New Era of Packaging - WEPACK 2025 Press Conference - Germany" was held on June 2nd at the Tulip Inn Hotel Düsseldorf Arena, Germany. The organizer RX, its strategic partner WPO, representatives from key exhibitors Kento Digital Printing as well as other industry associations all attended the press conference. The event disseminated information on the exhibition’s focus and offered updates on event preparation to industry media groups such as Specialist Printing Worldwide (UK), Cartiflex (Spain), Printpack Indonesia (Indonesia), ME PRINTER (Middle East) and other industry organizations. 

Boosting cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the global packaging industry


Mr. Alex Wang, Vice President of RX Greater China, welcomed guests attending the press conference at its beginning,introducing WEPACK 2025’s purpose while highlighting its significance.

Mr. Alex Wang, Vice President of RX Greater China


Mr. Wang, in his address, noted the profound changes of the world we live in over the last few years. At the crossroads of this historical evolution, he expressed the belief that mutually beneficial cooperation should be the industry’s highest aspiration. Win-win partnerships are more indispensable than ever in enhancing exchange and cooperation among packaging industries worldwide. WEPACK 2025, as a global packaging industry banquet, sits at a strategic location generating synergy between seven exhibitions in raw packaging materials, packaging processing and finished products. The event will welcome more than 1,500 exhibitors, bringing together packaging industry peers from roughly 110 countries around the world to bear witness to the event and seek business opportunities.


WEPACK has always spotlighted the industry's innovative changes, as well as its intelligent, digital, efficient, and sustainable trends. WEPACK 2025 convenes to boost cooperation between upstream and downstream companies in the global packaging industry, creating more possibilities for exchange and trade. RX continuously upholds its global vision and corporate responsibility, joining hands with global forces, strengthening global trade and commerce in the packaging industry, and working together to promote resilient, green, sustainable, and high-quality development.


Tightknit cooperation with authoritative overseas institutions and trade associations

Mr. Kishan Singh, an ambassador of RX's strategic partner WPO overviewed the shared history between WPO and WEPACK as well as changes in the packaging industry over the past 20 years.

Mr. Kishan Singh, WPO ambassador


Mr. Kishan Singh noted that WPO, the "United Nations" of the sector and a non-profit international organization focused on the development of the world packaging industry, has long contributed to sustainable packaging. Over the past 20 years, RX has also implemented strategic deployment throughout the industrial and ecological chain, integrating raw packaging materials, packaging processing equipment, as well as packaging products and processes. WPO has always worked hand in hand with RX to bolster the packaging industry’s development, looking to map out a new landscape in the global sector.

Mr. Winfried Muehling,

General Manager of European Packaging Consultant


Mr. Winfried Muehling, General Manager of European Packaging Consulting talked about WEPACK’s exhibition scale, brand value, internationalization level and market influence at the press conference. He expressed his full support of WEPACK 2025, promoting the event to both European and global packaging industries. Curated visitor organization also galvanizes stable supply and demand relationships in the upstream and downstream of the global packaging industrial chain.


Scaling up and new breakthroughs throughout numerous sectors


Mr. Dai, RX representative, shared his take on the brand-new upgrade of WEPACK 2025.

Mr. Dai, RX representative


WEPACK 2025 will see new breakthroughs in exhibition area, exhibitor numbers, total visitors, industry organizations and media groups. Spanning an area of 140,000 m2, the exhibition will bring together more than 1,500 exhibitors, roughly 100,000 global trade visitors and over 200 industry organizations and media groups.


Based on the original exhibition sectors and with the intention to stay abreast of market trends and demands, WEPACK 2025 will add label technology as a new sector, while also concurrently holding seven series exhibitions:

  • SinoCorrugated 2025
  • SinoFoldingCarton 2025
  • PACKCON 2025
  • SinoPaper 2025
  • DPrint 2025
  • Food Pack & Tech 2025
  • NEW Label Industry Expo 2025 (newly added)


Exhibitors join hands to reflect on global packaging industry highlights


Representatives from exhibitors, including Kento Digital Printing delivered speeches. They reported on their experiences with WEPACK, the preparatory work made by WEPACK 2025 in showcasing brand strategy, the expansion of the exhibition scale, increased exhibition content, the organization of abundant activities, and the invitation of more customers to the exhibition. They also expressed their anticipation for WEPACK 2025.

Javier Quesada, CEO of Kento Digital Printing


We’d like to express our special thanks to Jiayou, King Tau and Rocky Adhesives. Thank you for your strong support of WEPACK 2025 Global Roadshow - Germany!

WEPACK has received widespread attention and praise from global packaging industry practitioners. WEPACK 2025 will open at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in April 2025, welcoming more than 100,000 industry professionals from China, Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia to jointly discuss the packaging industry’s latest technologies and development trends. Stay tuned for a new era of global packaging!


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