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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Cost and consumption policies are good for the development of white cardboard market

The latest foreign market of coniferous pulp has been quoted one after another. The Canadian bleached coniferous pulp Lion announced the foreign market quotation in February: among them, the Lion is 940 dollars/ton, and the Gold Lion is 960 dollars/ton, both of which are 20 dollars/ton higher than last month. Canada Canfor announced the latest foreign price of bleached coniferous pulp of NorthWood: 970 US dollars/ton, up 30 US dollars/ton from the previous round. The price of bleached coniferous pulp continued to rise after the holiday, maintaining at 7,000-7,400 yuan/ton; The price of bleached broadleaf pulp fell slightly and remained at 5,800-6,200 yuan/ton. Affected by this, some white cardboard enterprises intend to increase the price of more than 100 yuan/ton of white cardboard on the 15th and 16th.

After the Lantern Festival, the downstream industries resumed work and production and the downtime of paper enterprises also decreased. At present, except for the shutdown of some small factories in Henan and Shandong, the paper enterprises in other regions have resumed stable production. It is expected that the output of white cardboard will be more than 200,000 tons from February 6 to 12, and the utilization rate of white cardboard capacity of paper enterprises will recover to more than 70%. After the Lantern Festival, the trading volume of the white paperboard market recovered, but compared with the consumption of the Spring Festival, the replenishment order after the festival was less than expected. Therefore, the price fluctuation of the white paperboard market was slight from February 6 to December 12, basically maintaining at 5,000-5,200 yuan/ton, and only partially increasing to 5,200-5,300 yuan/ton, but the shipment was not large and the impact was small. Most market customers focused on the recovery of downstream demand.


On January 31, when presiding over the second collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism to expand residents' consumption is necessary, which enable residents to have a stable income to consume without worrying about the future, and have a strong sense of desire to consume in a good consumption environment. On the evening of February 4, the launching ceremony of the National Consumption Season, including the 2023 "Time-honored Carnival" and "Enjoy Shandong Consumption Year", was held in Qingdao's Taidong national Pedestrian Street, and a new round of themed consumption promotion activities in Shandong was started. This year's "Shandong Consumption Year" activity has been deepened on the basis of previous years. It divided the whole year into "Spring", "Summer", "Golden Autumn" and "Warm Winter". The theme activities of four seasons will be held in accordance with the "1+4+N" framework, focusing on ten special actions, in terms of automobiles, home appliances, building materials and home furnishing, time-honored brands, famous and high-quality goods, oil products, food and beverage, specialty commercial streets, rural markets, and online consumption. Provinces, cities, and counties will jointly hold more than 200 key activities to stimulate consumption enthusiasm. On February 6, Hunan Province issued the Several Policies and Measures on Fighting the Initiative of Economic Growth and Realizing the Overall Improvement of Economic Operation, proposing four measures to increase the promotion of consumption activities and consumption subsidies, increase the support and guidance of consumption in key areas, accelerate the creation of new consumption scenarios and platforms, and increase the support for commercial markets and enterprises centering on "promoting the recovery and upgrading of consumption", the "20 items of stable growth" to.

To sum up, the cost and consumption policy are good support for the white cardboard market in this year. The market may develop well from March to April, but the new capacity of 1 million tons/year is planned to be put into production in May. In addition, the market may fall under pressure in the traditional off-season; In the second half of the year, it needs to pay attention to domestic demand and exports in China.