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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China

Paper standards lead the transformation of the industry to innovation and green

At the end of January this year, another international standard in the field of paper making was issued under the leadership of China. The "Paper, board and pulps - Analysis of fiber furnish Part 1: General method" is a new international standard after the first international standard "Paper, board and pulps - Standard atmosphere for conditioning and testing and procedure for monitoring the atmosphere and conditioning of samples" was released in October 2022, which is conducive to promoting the international mutual recognition and overseas application of China's standards, and better supporting and serving digital transformation and green development of China's paper industry, products and technology.

Unlike the first international standard, the "Paper, board and pulps - Analysis of fiber furnish Part 1: General method", based on China's national standard GB/T 4688-2020 "Paper, board and pulps - Analysis of fiber furnish", revised, improved and supplemented the international standard ISO 9184-1:1990, significantly improved the applicability and accuracy of the fiber furnish analysis method, and helped to promote the industrial digital reform and industrial upgrading.


China will lead the overall research on the international standard framework system and standard internationalization strategy in the field of paper industry, which will help the high-quality development and transformation of the global paper industry. ISO/TC6 "International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee on Paper, board and Pulps" is responsible for international standardization of terms, sample preparation, test methods and quality specifications of paper, board, pulps, cellulose nanofiber materials and lignin. The committee has 29 participating member states and 30 observing member states. China is a participating member state. ISO/TC6/SC2 "International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee on Paper, board and Pulps/Subcommittee on Test Methods and Quality Specifications of Paper and Paperboard" is the only sub-technical committee of ISO/TC6. There are 23 participating member countries and 18 observing member countries. China is a participating member country. The international standard topics of ISO/TC6 and ISO/TC6/SC2 include the terminology, sample preparation, test methods and quality specifications of paper, board, pulps, cellulose nanofiber materials, printing suitability, deinking potential, environmental issues, recycling, etc.


The two international standards were drafted under the leadership of the China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute. As the domestic technical counterpart of ISO/TC6 and its sub-technical committee ISO/TC6/SC2, it has been committed to strengthening the two-way transformation of domestic standards and ISO international standards, actively promoting the construction of China's paper industry standard system, and supporting and promoting the high-quality development of the paper industry with the development of standardization innovation. In the next step, the Chinese Academy of Paper Industry will accelerate the development of another international standard led by China, "Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 8: Determination of Water - absorption time and water - absorption capacity – Basket-immersion test method)", and contribute more Chinese experience and wisdom to the international standardization in the paper industry.


Technical support for green and sustainable development of the industry

In China, with the development and progress of the paper industry, the standardization work in the paper industry has initially established a standard system that coordinates mandatory and recommended standards, complements national and industrial standards, and combines basic general standards, safety standards, management standards and product standards, providing important technical support for the development of the paper industry.


In 2023, according to the spirit of documents such as the National Standardization Development Outline, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and the Medium and Long-term High-quality Development Outline of the Paper Industry and the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the preparation and revision of standards in the paper industry has begun around the industrial development and demand, aiming to provide effective technical support for the high-quality development of the paper industry.


In the middle of January this year, the National Technical Committee for Standardization of the Paper Industry widely solicited the national standards, industrial standards and group standards plan items that need to be revised in the paper industry (pulp, paper, board, paper products) in 2023 to further improve the scientificity and practicability of the standard preparation and revision work, help enterprises solve practical problems, and lead the healthy and high-quality development of the industry. The collection scope includes safety of consumer goods, children's paper products, aging paper products, intelligent manufacturing and other related standard items; projects related to energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial and agricultural technology paper, science and technology defense paper and pulp, low-carbon green paper products, etc; Standards for harmful substances in products and performance measurement methods, standards for key basic raw materials, standards for product quality improvement, new products and new technologies, relevant standards to promote the service of the "the Belt and Road" construction, and foreign projects.


In the past year, China Paper Academy has organized the preparation and revision of many paper standards, organized and convened the standard review meeting. It actively played the leading role of standards to promote the green and high-quality development of industry enterprises. For example, the group standard "General Requirements of Green Paper Packaging Products for takeout", which was specifically implemented and formulated by the Professional Committee of Paper-based Green Packaging Materials and Products of the China Paper Industry Association and led by the China Paper Academy, Beijing Sankuai Online Technology Co., Ltd. and China Light Paper Products Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd., was implemented on March 1, 2022; The English version of the national standards in the field of paper making of Electrolytic Capacitor Paper and Dictionary Paper passed the examination; The two group standards of "Craftsmanship Product Household Paper" and "Craftsmanship Product Sanitary Products", which were developed under the leadership, will be implemented from May 1, 2022 to improve the product quality of household paper and sanitary products and meet consumer consumption upgrading needs.

This series of standards shows that basic innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, intelligent security, etc. are still important development strategies for industry enterprises. Next, paper enterprises will continue to move towards green and sustainable development.