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April, 2025
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During the Spring Festival, Chinese Baijiu is the most popular gift in special purchases for the Spring Festival! The market is full of expectations for Baijiu consumption.

During the Spring Festival, China's consumer market ushered in a pomp of consumption in 2023. It is widely expected that China's economy will resume strong growth momentum this year and will continue to bring more dividends. Doing Spring Festival shopping is a "reserved program" for Chinese New Year. These groceries, foods, drinks and gift packaging all carry our expectations for Chinese New Year. The booming consumption has further strengthened confidence in economic growth; With strong festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year and flourishing consumption, the consumer markets in all regions are showing exuberant vitality.

During the Spring Festival, many people place orders for relatives and friends, such as wine, nuts, fruit, tea gift boxes, etc. Since the Little New Year (festival on the 23rd or 24th of the 12th month of the lunar year), the purchase and sales volume of JD has increased by 90% over the same period last year, and the sales volume of gift boxes has exceeded 50%. The best-selling of various gift packaging products symbolizes the flourishing of the folding carton industry. Among them, the sales of Chinese Baijiu gift boxes increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, the highest sales volume in the market.

During the Spring Festival, Chinese Baijiu is the most popular gift in special purchases for the Spring Festival! The market is full of expectations for Baijiu consumption.

According to the recently released performance express of listed Baijiu companies, the performance of most liquor companies will increase significantly in 2022. On January 20, Shanxi Fenjiu is expected to achieve an operating income of about 26 billion yuan in 2022, an increase of about 30% year on year, and a net profit attributable to the parent company of about 7.9 billion yuan, an increase of about 49% year on year; On January 3, Kweichow Moutai released its performance forecast. In 2022, it is expected to achieve a total operating revenue of about 127.2 billion yuan, an increase of about 16.2% year on year, and a net profit attributable to the parent company of about 62.6 billion yuan, an increase of about 19.3% year on year…… In the past year, Baijiu enterprises achieved relatively good results, and each liquor enterprise invested heavily in advertising at the Spring Festival Gala. As an eye-catching event, the Spring Festival Gala has always been a place for all kinds of businesses to expand their influence. In this year's Spring Festival Gala, all kinds of Baijiu enterprises are unwilling to be outdone and strive to attract public attention. For example, many Baijiu enterprises such as Kweichow Moutai, Wuliangye, Shede Liquor, Shanxi Fenjiu, Gujing Gongjiu, etc. "appeared" in various forms at the Spring Festival Gala, attracting the audience's attention.


According to incomplete statistics by the reporter, there are 14 brand advertisements in total 5 minutes before the opening of the 2023 Spring Festival Gala, of which the Baijiu brand accounts for half. Wuliangye first appeared in the 2023 CCTV Spring Festival Gala as an exclusive interactive partner; Yanghe Shares, which has been ringed the New Year's bell for three consecutive years, once again joined hands with CCTV Spring Festival Gala to ring the New Year's bell for the people of the country at zero time; Shede Wine was listed in the Spring Festival Gala as the cooperative brand. Many Baijiu enterprises actively carry out marketing interaction while participated in the Spring Festival Gala, which also led to another sales boom of Chinese Baijiu during the Spring Festival.

Since the comprehensive opening up of Covid 19, the consumption of returning home to visit relatives and business banquets has increased this year, driving the consumption of wine market. According to the report, during the 2023 Special Purchase Festival, among the top 100 wine commodities most popular with consumers, Baijiu accounts for more than 90%. It further shows that in traditional festivals, when friends or families get together, they choose more Baijiu to create the lively atmosphere. For wine gift packaging, consumers pay more attention to the packaging and quality of the gift box. The report shows that the proportion of gift packaging in two bottles is 80%, far more than that in six bottles.

In addition to JD's data showing an increase in the consumption of Baijiu gift packaging, the Spring Festival consumption data of Eleme shows that the order of Chinese Baijiu has increased more than twice month on month in delivery. Moreover, according to the 1919 data of the alcohol e-commerce platform, the sales of Baijiu increased by about 36.01% year on year during the Special Purchase Festival; In the Dingdong platform, the sales of Baijiu increased by about 178% year on year, and the Baijiu above 400 yuan were more popular, with Wuliangye, Moutai and Jiannanchun ranking the top three in sales.

Relevant reports show that during the Spring Festival, the first-tier cities of alcohol sales accounted for 27%, and the second-tier cities were comparable, accounting for 26%. With the return of consumers working in top-tier cities for the Chinese New Year and the improvement of consumption capacity in low-tier cities in recent years, the alcohol sinking market is also very hot. And according to the survey of Baijiu buyers, young people also have more demand for Baijiu. It shows that Baijiu enterprises have very good prospects for development.

For Baijiu enterprises, they are very optimistic about the gradual recovery of consumption in the post epidemic era. "Steady and accelerated development" and "structural upgrading" have become key words for liquor enterprises this year. Although the major liquor companies have not publicly put forward clear growth targets, they still focus on high quality and steady acceleration

Xiao Zhuqing, a Chinese consumer marketing expert, said that the performance of the Baijiu consumption market during the Spring Festival has showed new hope for investors. This sign of revitalization of consumption gave investors a positive confidence, so on the first trading day after the Spring Festival, Baijiu's share price increased.


In general, despite the impact of the economic situation in recent years, Baijiu consumption has shown a good momentum of development, and Baijiu consumption will have more potential and opportunities thanks to the continuous growth of Chinese consumer groups and the improvement of income. Moreover, in 2023, the liquor market will still show the trend of differentiation and involution, and the famous brands of alcohol will continue to expand the market. At the same time, with the promotion of capitalization, the concept of production area has further risen, which will further accelerate the industrial upgrading of Baijiu industry. The industry will develop towards branding and production area, entering the era of famous brands of alcohol.