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April, 2025
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These kinds of printing and packaging are hit in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit!

The most bustling Spring Festival in the past three years is approaching the end. Its consumption, as a powerful engine to drive social consumption, is also our window to observe the printing and packaging market.

So, what kind of packaging and printing has become popular during the Spring Festival of the Rabbit?

Prints with “rabbit” elements

This Spring Festival, all shopping malls are hung with red lanterns, Chinese knots, paper-cuts, and so on, and the strong festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year comes to us. Supermarkets, department stores, stationery stores and other physical stores have put New Year's decorations on the shelves, including soft and lovely rabbit dolls, paper-cuts with rabbit and Chinese character "Fu", lifelike rabbit lanterns etc., allowing consumers to dress up in the hot moment through instant retail and other ways.


After the twelfth lunar month, the consumption of special purchases for the Spring Festival in local supermarkets and small commodity markets has gradually increased, and dolls, Spring Festival couplets and ornaments with "rabbit" have become the hot commodities in the New Year's goods market.

"Affected by the epidemic, the sales of special purchases for the Spring Festival started at the end of December last year, over a month later than in previous years, but the total sales volume did not fall but increased, and the daily sales volume was two or three times of that of previous years." A merchant in a shopping mall in Guangdong said that the accessories with "rabbit" label were selling well recently.

According to the data of Meituan, a retail platform, since the Laba Festival, the sales of Spring Festival ornaments on the platform has continued to grow, up 131% over the same period last year. Especially since the Chinese Lunar New Year on January 14, orders for various Spring Festival decorations with rabbit elements have increased more rapidly, with an increase of 477% year on year; The sales volume of takeaway products such as red envelopes with cartoon rabbit, folding three-dimensional red envelopes, and gilded Chinese zodiac red envelopes increased by more than 500% year on year, and the order volume of Spring Festival couplets increased by 17 times year on year.



Gift Box Packaging

From the perspective of gifts, consumers prefer the special purchases for the Spring Festival in gift packaging to bulk goods. The gift packaging has become the "new favorite" of more young consumers, and it is also a good choice for parents, relatives and friends. Family, friendship and love are condensed in these special purchases for the Spring Festival in gift packaging, and the sense of festival ceremony is directly filled.


Wang Xiaomei, director of the marketing department of Rizhao Qianhui Shopping Mall, told the reporter in Haibao News: "gift packaging of beer, Xiwang, some pork, ribs and elbows is very popular. In Tongli Shopping Mall in Juxian County, a set of gift packaging of paste, cooked food, vegetable, fruit, and wine full of strong festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year was put on the shelves, creating a new scene for sales of New Year goods. China-Chic packaged goods of Qingdao Likelai Group, such as Three Squirrels and Xinhui tangerine peel, are sought well with young people this year, with a comprehensive growth of 15%, fruit gift boxes up 60% over the same period last year, and dairy products up 30%.

Shopping on Taobao Tmall has become the mainstream consumption way of the younger generation, and in the Spring Festival, they prefer to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival to home directly. Liu Mingrui works in a law firm in Shanghai, and his hometown is Foshan, Guangdong. Before the Spring Festival holiday, he began to search for health products and nut gift boxes on Tmall. By selecting online, he finished the purchase for Spring Festival to his parents this year.


According to the data of Taobao Tmall, the turnover of special purchase of Spring Festival online has maintained a positive growth year on year, and the data of CaiNiao Delivery also shows that the number of orders during the Spring Festival this year is expected to increase by 30% year on year, and it will rise further. The packages are mainly wine and gift packaging for special goods of Spring Festival. Migrant workers in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen like to select goods online to their hometown most - Puning, Guangdong, Yiwu, Zhejiang, Kunshan, Jiangsu and Jinjiang, Fujian have become the "four counties" with the highest turnover of special purchase of Spring Festival online.