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April, 2025
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The demand for ivory board in the healthcare market is worth expecting

Recently, some downstream processing plants in Hunan and Guangdong have issued a notice of shutdown and holiday for the 2023 Spring Festival. The holiday will begin on January 6-7, 2023, and the resumption of work and production will begin on February 1-2 after the Spring Festival. From this point of view, there is less than half a month left for the transactions of ivory board market before the Spring Festival. With the optimization of public health event management and control policies, the activity of some markets has declined, and most industries have weakened their demand for ivory board packaging consumption, but the health care market still has played a supporting role in ivory board packaging consumption.

Recently, the transaction of ivory board market is dominated by orders related to medical care. According to the big data of Jingcanmou E-commerce, the sales of masks on the JD platform in November this year exceeded 23 million, an increase of 80% month on month and more than 110% year on year; The sales volume exceeded 570 million yuan, up 87% month on month and 97% year on year. The overall sales volume in November this year also increased by 50% compared with that in 618 period, and a small peak was reached in December. Yiling Pharmaceutical is applying for the patent of non-woven fabric containing Lianhua Qingwen extract. In the future, the mask market will put forward higher requirements on scientific research technology and product protection. At the same time, Yiling Pharmaceutical, as the pioneer, is also likely to lead some other pharmaceutical enterprises to create a new incremental market for masks, and the orders for mask boxes are still worth looking forward to.


In recent years, with the improvement of domestic residents' living standards and the enhancement of medical care awareness, the scale of China's medical care industry has continued to expand, and the development potential is huge in future. According to market data, from 2016 to 2020, the total market volume of China's medical and health care services will increase from 3316.6 billion yuan to 4869 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.1%. In 2020, China's per capita national health care expenditure will be only $745.8, while that of the United States will be $12114.8 and that of the Japanese will be $5407. In 2021, the per capita consumption expenditure on health care will be $2115, accounting for 8.8%. In the first half of 2022, health care, non-essential consumption, information technology and other sectors saw a steady rebound after hitting the bottom in mid March.


In November, with the strong support of the healthcare market, the consumption of ivory board in November 2022 will be about 955,000 tons, an increase of 10.0% month on month and 24.2% year on year. In December, the health care market again ushered in a small consumption peak. Against the background of weakening consumption in other industries, it is expected that this market will again play a supporting role in the ivory board consumption in December.