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April, 2025
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Intelligent Cardboard Production Solutions at SinoCorrugated South 2020

9 Apr. 2020


This special zone will display intelligent corrugated production lines with speeds exceeding 200 m/min at 2800mm, 2500mm and other width. Intelligent wide-format high-speed corrugated production line features high efficiency, manpower reduction, smarter production management system, and easier operation. It has become the key equipment for cardboard production companies to increase production capacity. At present, the leading manufacturers include BHS, J.S. Machinery, Fosber, Taiwan Xiexu, Taiwan Mingxuan, Guangdong Wanlian, Guangdong Fuli, GCL, and Shangyin Machinery.


Erhardt+Leimer (Zhejiang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 3A101

Erhardt+Leimer (Zhejiang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Erhardt+Leimer (E+L) Group, which is a world-leading provider of web guiding systems for continuous alignment and accurate positioning. Established in 1919, E+L Inc. provides turnkey solutions for manufacturers in the textile, paper, corrugated cardboard, printing and tire industry in the efficient design of their production processes. Headquartered in Augsburg, Germany, E+L Inc. has almost 1.600 employees in 15 countries. In 2003, E+L China was founded in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to expand the group’s business in mainland China. So far, it has 10 offices and over 170 employees in China. E+L China was first known as Leimer (Hangzhou) Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Erhardt+Leimer (Zhejiang) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013.

Standard Guiding Solution for Whole Corrugated Line

Since E+L introduced bridge guider and tension control system into China, it has been well recognized by corrugated industry, and the definition of "bridge equipment" has become the standard equipped system when purchasing a new corrugate line.

With the progress of industrial technology and the increasing market demand of the quality of cardboard, or in order to improve production efficiency, or to reduce the production of waste paper, or to improve the quality of cardboard, E+L company began to promote to the market "standard guiding solution for whoel corrugate line".

In addition to the "bridge guider" which has been accepted widely by this industry, the scheme combines the single facer alignment, the TrimMaster, the tension balance roller and other equipment, and makes a accurate control of the alignment and tension problems of corrugated line (E+L's Centennial Concentration Problem) from beginning to the end, so it reaches a new realm of the production efficiency, waste-saving capacity and cardboard quality. 

TrimMaster TOS05

The TrimMaster system is designed for dry end applications in front of the SlitterScorer. Its core function is to equalize and minimize edge trim in the Slitter Scorer. This is achieved by sensing board edges or pre-printed lines and shift the Slitter Scorer with a hydraulic unit to correct incoming misalignment mistakes. Thus, constant trim reduction results in waste savings and roll stock size reduction. The integrated stabilization device, based on our proven CorrAligner tracking wheel assembly, compensates for board oscillation. The stabilization unit is available in two different models, one for board stabilization only and one for board stabilization or board guiding modes to preselectable references. 



Booth No: 3A20

MACARBOX specializes in the design and manufacture of corrugated board processing machinery. MACARBOX's technologically advanced and high-performance converters are manufactured in the European Union with 100% high-quality materials of European origin.

MACARBOX is a solid company integrated with the "INZU Group", which is a group of international industrial companies specializing in different fields of mechanical and high-tech processing system manufacturing.

Corrugator Line Corr 350-2500

MACARBOX corrugator lines constitute an excellent complete solution for production of corrugated board. High robustness and precision design enables working with both very high and very low paper weights. All materials employed are of high quality and European origin. Along with complete corrugator machine, Macarbox offers separate modules, that are easily integrated to any competitor make or model, upgrading and modernising your existing corrugator.

Main features:

- Complete corrugator line with cutting edge technology.

- Single, double and triple corrugated board.

- Available in different working widths, from 1650 mm (65”) up to 2800 mm (110”), depending on customer needs.

- High productivity and efficiency.

- Saving in operating cost.


Chuen Huah Chemical Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 3D200

Chuen Huah Chemical Co., Ltd. (CHC) is a client-centric driven company focused on providing the most advanced chemical and material solutions to our clients around the globe for over 25 years. CHC’s products serve the diverse markets including coating, paper & paperboard, textile and wood-based composites industry. It strives to develop eco-friendly and high-quality products for industrial clients to improve their processing efficiency and product functionalities. It seeks out the cleanest technologies and newest knowledge for creating innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of every client. In order to strengthen service and technical support, CHC integrates the sales and R&D department with manufacturing sites for fast and positive responses to all opportunities and challenges.

Automatic Glue Mixing System

1.  High-speed homogenization technology to achieve even starch distribution, better adhesion and less starch usage

2.  Automatic viscosity control technology to achieve stability and consistency of starch glue

3.  Flexible glue mixing technology to achieve perfect combination of fully-impasted and partially-impasted starch

4.  Water recycle; environmentally friendly and low-cost 

Starch Additives

1.  Starch crosslinking agent: long-lasting stability, better adhesion and less starch usage

2.  Starch waterproofing agent: optimal water resistant properties to effectively enhance cardboard intensity and quality

3.  Water repellent: enabling great water resistance on the surface of cardboard; wider application


Dongguan Taiquan Mechanical Electrical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 3D180

Dongguan Taiquan Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., founded in early 2014, is a dedicated provider of excellent intelligent glue mixers and diverse glue mixing technology. The company places great emphasis on R&D, which gives its new automatic glue mixer many incomparable advantages. It is these unique advantages that the machine has gained a good reputation in the market. So far, the equipment produced by Taiquan has been highly recognized by carton manufacturers, and many of its products have been exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia among other countries and regions. Integrating innovation and down-to-earth operation in its development, Taiquan will strive to improve itself in a constantly changing market and serve every customer with a clear understanding of their needs.

Automatic Glue Mixer

Supported by self-developed high-speed dynamic processing technology, adaptive viscosity monitoring technology and efficient digital processing technology, the TQ-S Intelligent Glue Control System, the key of the automatic glue mixer, is an excellent example of Taiquan’s integrated production process. It monitors dynamic viscosity in real time and manages the whole glue mixing process, thus greatly reducing manpower and improving efficiency with no quality compromised. The automatic glue mixer is featured by:

1.  Viscosity control deviation within 1 second

2.  Zero error in adding materials

3.  6.5s-99.0s dynamic viscosity measurement

4.  Data feedback within 15 seconds

5.  Function of temperature compensation


Foshan Nanhai Zhongsong Rolls Co. Ltd.

Booth No: 3D100

Foshan Nanhai Zhongsong Roll Co., Ltd. (formerly Foshan Nanhai Dasong Roll Co., Ltd.) is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating development, production, installation and related services. Founded in September, 2004, the company is one of the first manufacturers of corrugated rollers in China, focusing exclusively on providing customers with the most professional products and services. It has the most professional manufacturing team and a number of industry-leading high-precision processing equipment. In 2017, Zhongsong launched the patented peripheral heating corrugated roller which matches the most high-speed cardboard production lines at home and abroad. Going forward, Zhongsong will continue to improve the quality of products and services with innovation and progressiveness, satisfying customers’ needs and expectations to the utmost.

Corrugated Roller

New peripheral heating corrugated roller has the following five advantages:

1.  Higher efficiency: faster heat supply in operation and much higher working speed (double the speed that of the conventional production line)

2.  Lower energy consumption: double heating rate and shortened preheating time, thus achieving higher working efficiency and lower energy consumption

3.  Better quality: the glue evenly stick to the cardboard because of evenly-distributed surface temperature; no waste produced from stopping in the middle of manufacturing

4.  Longer service life: wider usage as longer heating parts suit wide-spreading cardboard; less deformation, more stable operation and longer service life.

5.  Stronger adaptability: no need to change the structure of single facer unlike other corrugated rollers; stronger adaptability and lower remolding cost


Qingdao Shengchuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Booth No: 3D437

Qingdao Shengchuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. Since its establishment in November 2015, the company has provided clients with quality products and services. Its business scope ranges from design, manufacturing, processing to sales of precision machinery. And it also engages in the import and export of mechanical products and technologies. As a customer-centered enterprise, Shengchuan will continue to improve its service network with great enthusiasm and strict standards, living up to the trust and support of clients.

Servo-controlled Thin Blade Slitter Scorer

As a dry-end auxiliary equipment for the corrugated cardboard production line, the thin blade slitter scorer is specifically designed for small quantity orders with its unique strength of fast automatic order change. Adopting full computer control, the machine ensures precise slitting and scoring, thus reducing paper waste and guaranteeing stable, high-yield and high-quality production. 

Automatic Thin Blade Slitter & Counting Stacker

The machine is part of the dry-end corrugated cardboard production line. Its main function is to slit, count and stack large batches of corrugated cardboard. Adopting full computer control, it features automatic order change and automatic feeding and output of boards. With a minimal slitting distance of 280mm, the machine is especially suitable for slitting short boards (less than 500mm long).