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April, 2025
Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China


While several semi-automatic corrugated plants can be found especially throughout the emerging markets, a large number of carton companies urgently needs to introduce fully automated manufacturing equipment, along with increasingly high quality standards for end-users. Modern technology is now an integral part of the mindset of factory owners which makes high-end package usage increasing rapidly.

In order to serve the need of promoting a high-end manufacturing industry the Study Tour will look into the most modern factory production processes as of today and spread latest knowledge. Participants will get an uncovered view of the most modern manufacturing processes across several industries in order to implement the knowledge into their own businesses.


Reed Exhibitions initially organized the “Intelligent Corrugated Industry Study Tour” for the Carton Packaging Industry. The tour aims to target leading carton packaging executives to study in Italy, France and Switzerland in order to learn more about the application of an Intelligent Corrugated Industry in the field of carton packaging.


Why Join Us?


Ø  Understanding the secrets of the         European manufacturing success


Ø  Learn how Italian, French & Swiss

    suppliers rationally promote their




Ø  Visit the most representative                  companies of an Intelligent                    Converting Industry and                          understand the local business              culture and their management              style

Ø  Study and learn about their latest

    applications in the field of carton

    packaging industry




Ø  Discuss with leaders of the local           carton packaging industry and find       out how you can benefit from their     technology

Ø  Set-up your local network in order

    to ease follow-up communication


Ø  Get all that information translated

    into your own language




Ø  Experience European culture,                history and society

Ø Get a taste of authentic local cuisine

    as well as world famous wine and



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Visited Cities During The Tour

1. Milano

2. Bologna

3. Lucca

4. Lausanne & Geneva

5. Santa Margherita/Portofino

6. Zurich

7. Aosta Valley

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